Episode 4: New Music Roundup Part 1

Setlist (Episode4.csv):

1. James Holden & The Animal Spirits – “Thunder Moon Gathering” (from The Animal Spirits)

2. Converge – “I Can Tell You About Pain” (from The Dusk in Us)

3. Small Leaks Sink Ships – “Subtle Sadness” (from Golden Calf)

4. City – “Pain/Power” (from A Goal is an Image)

5. Elodie – “Le Temps d’Antan” (from Vieux Silence)

6. Sissy Spacek – “Other Restrictions”(from Slow Move)

7. Sugai Ken – “Okera” (from UkabazUmorezU)

8. Yellow Eyes – “Blue As Blue” (from Immersion Trench Reverie)

9. Le Fou – “Mania Function” (from Hanover Deicide 1973 and the Black Priest)

10. Gasp – “Region 2: Tiny Wingman, Decaplex Solar Tempest” (from Ghost In Scow Out)

If you missed the show, listen here: 

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