Episode 6: Environments


1. Haptic – “Ten Years Under the Earth” (from Ten Years Under the Earth)

2. Yuji Katsui, Hiroshi Higo, & Yoshihide Otomo – “Sound 1” (from Visions of Japan / Sounds of Tokyo)

3. Henri Pousseur & Michel Butor – “Vietnamibie” (from Paysages Planétaires)

4. Joel Stern – “Fortitudes End” (from Objects.Masks.Props)

5-8. Max Eastley – “Aerophones 2,” “Motors and Metal Rods 1,” “Aerophones 3,” Serpentine Gallery Installation” (from Installation Recordings)

9. Áine O’Dwyer – “The Little Lord of Misrule” (from Music for Church Cleaners)

10. Graham Lambkin – “Amateur Doubles (Besombes/Rizet-Pôle)” (from Amateur Doubles)

Listen to a recording of the broadcast here:

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