Episode 8: Singer/Songwriters


1. Neutral Milk Hotel – “Oh Sister” (from Ferris Wheel On Fire)

2. Nick Drake – “Things Behind the Sun” (from Pink Moon)

3. David Thomas Broughton – “Unmarked Grave” (from The Complete Guide to Insufficiency)

4. Bill Fay – “Don’t Let My Marigolds Die” (from Time of the Last Persecution)

5. Washington Phillips – “I’ve Got the Key to the Kingdom” (from The Key to the Kingdom)

6. Roy Harper – “One Man Rock and Roll Band” (from Stormcock)

7. Sibylle Baier – “Softly” (from Colour Green)

8. Charlie McAlister – “Hawaii Blue Mississippi Grey” (from Mississippi Luau)

9. 青葉市子 (Ichiko Aoba) – “iam POD (0%)” (from 0)

10. Леонид Фёдоров (Leonid Fedorov) – “Думай про меня” (from Лиловый День)

11. Jun Konagaya – “Magnolia” (from Organ)

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