Episode 9: Straight Outta Bandcamp


1. Carlo Giustini – “La Stanza di Fronte” (from La Stanza di Fronte)

2. Zoller – “Indeterminacy II: Objects” (from Ces Expériences)

3. Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin – “Siri, What’s the Time in Durham?” (from Earth Tones at the Metal Show)

4. Carey – “The Beauty in Failure” (from Other People)

5. Taylor Brook – “Chorale” (from Virtutes Occultae)

6. Obsidian Needles – “II” (from Neoauctus Esctastus)

7. Alvear Courtis Jones – “A távlat, ha hátulról” (from A távlat, ha hátulról)

8. Vanessa Rossetto – “Rocinante” (from Rocinante)

9. Lingua Ignota – Holy Is the Name (of My Ruthless Axe) [from All Bitches Die]

Listen to a recording of the show here:

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