Episode 11: Harsh Noise Walls


1. Ad Marginem – “Untitled” (from Insectum)

2. Spacial Absence – “Forest Fire Fishing Trip” (from Primal Machinery)

3. Vomir – “Untitled” (from Portrait Series #6)

4. Dosis Letalis – “Titled” (from Vomir // Dosis Letalis)

5. A View From Nihil – Each fire is all fires, the first fire and the last ever to be.

6. The New Blockaders – Side A of Live in Hinoeuma

7. Geert Kohler – “A” (from Your Blonde Wife)

8. Maussade – Trouver la Paix

9. Werewolf Jerusalem – “She Was Buried Alive” (from The Reincarnation of Isabel)

Listen to a recording of the show here: