Episode 13: Study Music


1. Dalot & Sound Awakener – “A Good Day to Be Alone” from Little Things (Facture, Jan 31)

2. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project – “Aestas Anatis 2016” from August 53rd (Helen Scarsdale Agency, Feb 23)

3. Michel Banabila – “Hope (Disquiet 0271 Prison Sky)” from Just Above the Surface (Tapu, Jan 10)

4. Erik Levander – “Åter annalkande” from Couesnon (Katuktu Collective, Jan 26)

5. Lucas Norer – “Korridor” from Portbou (self-released, Jan 18)

6. Tariq Anwar – “Museum Notes” from Soundmaps for the Dreamer II (Sonospace, Jan 26)

7. Thomas Tilly – “Post-Explosion II (Phonography)” from Codex Amphibia (Glistening Examples, Feb 22)

8. Lea Bertucci – “At Dawn” from Metal Aether (NNA, Feb 9)  [Conversation with Olivia Block on National Sawdust Log]

9. Dedekind Cut – “Spiral” from Tahoe (Kranky, Feb 23)

10. Jason Sharp – “Stand Above the Streams, Pt. 1B” from Stand Above the Streams (Constellation, Feb 23)

11. Grant Evans – “Her Smile” from Ergot Dogs (Adversary, Feb 1)

12. Wim Dehaen – “Ústí OST” from 12 Elegies for Pierre Boulez / Ústí OST (ACR, Feb 12)

Listen to a recording of the show here:


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