Episode 15: Sound Art


1. Valerio Tricoli – “In Your Ruins Is My Shelter” from Miseri Lares (PAN, 2014)

2. Seattle Phonographers Union – “Hollow Earth Radio: September 8, 2008” from Seattle Phonographers Union (Mimeomeme, 2009)

3. Rie Nakajima – [untitled] from Four Forms (Consumer Waste, 2015)

4. Annea Lockwood – “Deep Water Gong” from Glass World of Anna Lockwood (Tangent, 1970)

5. Tomoko Sauvage – “Fortune Biscuit” from Musique Hydromantique (Shelter Press, 2017)

6. Anne Guthrie – “Red Wolf” from Brass Orchids (Students of Decay, 2018)

7. Michel Chion – “Evangile” from Requiem (INA-GRM, 1978)

8. Taku Unami – “Whistler Vanished in Wind – VI” from The Whistler (Erstwhile, 2017)

9. Seijiro Murayama & Éric La Casa – “Part 1” from Supersedure (Hibari Music, 2009)

Listen to a recording of the show here:

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