Review: Wrong – Feel Great (Relapse, Apr 13)

Miami-based rock outfit Wrong’s new album is an unyielding slab of sludgey noise rock. Feel Great is a more melodic and diverse record than the band’s self-titled debut, adding a muscular edge that reminds me of the better parts of early-2000’s alt metal; but it stays faithful to that album’s mercilessness. The production is fittingly muddy and turbid, with sections of surprisingly bright lead guitar and anthemic vocal lines occasionally pushing through – such as on one of the record’s best tracks, “Come Apart Mend”. Wrong certainly sticks to their guns on Feel Great, but it takes enough risks that it feels entertainingly fresh. I could’ve done without some things though, like the guitar solo on “Zero Cool” that sticks out like a sore thumb (although it precedes one of my favorite sections on the album: an arrhythmic noisy breakdown that is a welcome lead-in to the final tracks). It’s a promising release that looks to both the past and the future.