Mix: Through the Forest

Figured that even though I’m not doing the radio show anymore, I should still make some mixes and post them here. This one tells the story of a walk through a forest and the beauty, mystery, and terror found inside. Made from my favorite weirdo folk tunes. Timestamps and titles are listed below. Enjoy!

00:00. No-Neck Blues Band – 2nd Untitled Track [Excerpt] from Sticks and Stones… (Revenant, 2001)

04:12. The Doomed Bird of Providence – “The Wild Beast of Goat Island” from Will Ever Pray (Front & Follow, 2011)

08:45. Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood – “Om Agar” from Animal Speak (mymwly, 2004)

13:50. Alastair Galbraith – “Ember” from Mirrorwork (Emperor Jones, 1998)

16:16. Pumice – “Flee” from Raft (Last Visible Dog, 2004)

20:31. The Billy Crosby’s – “The Signs of Emptiness” from Windswept Trees and Houses [V/A Comp] (Jewelled Antler, 2003)

23:28. Grim – “Heritage” from Message (Eskimo, 1987)

25:50. Big Blood – “…Is All We Have” from Dark Country Magic (Dontrustheruin, 2010)

30:21. Caroliner – “Climbing Jacob’s Ladder Through the Fireplace” from Rise of the Common Woodpile (BullsHit, 1987)

33:59. Exuma – “We Got to Go” from Exuma II (Mercury, 1970)

36:48. Leonid Fedorov – “Пол неба” from Лиловый день (Геометрия, 2003)

41:26. Alvarius B. – “Dracula Frizzi” from Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset (Abduction, 2005)

44:56. Convivial Cannibal Clan – “Bottom Feeders” from Have Youth Will Play (self-released, 2017)

47:36. Sala-Arhimo – “Talviunta” from Maan Matoset [V/A Comp] (POK, 2005)

51:01. Bob Drake – “I Wish It Had Been a Dream” from Medallion Animal Carpet (Crumbling Tomes, 1999)

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