Mix: 17 From the Three-Inch Archives (by Mike Shiflet)

This short mix originates from Columbus-based musician and composer Mike Shiflet’s personal collection. Though it is hardly still used today, the three-inch CD format and its 20 minute capacity was a favorite for many artists dealing in varying areas of experimental music. Styles range from electroacoustic improvisation to noise and drone. The tracklist is provided below, though the mix is best listened to as its own piece. Thanks Mike!

  1. Space Machine – Module 102
  2. Brent Gutzeit – Linz Harbor / Jeffery Allport & Tim Olive – s/t
  3. Joe Colley – Anthem: Static for Empty Life
  4. Zbigniew Karkowski – Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious
  5. Michael Johnsen – Live at Issue Project Room / Chop Shop – Rusty Hum
  6. Kapotte Muziek – ADD / Jason Talbot – Thank You
  7. Damion Romero – There Was Plenty of Time… / Jarrett Silberman – Tape Saturation Piano
  8. English – Oh
  9. Jesse Kudler – 07/04
  10. Taiga Remains – Ribbons of Dust / Jay Sullivan – Ice Shelf
  11. Jazzkammer – Sound of Music
  12. Hive Mind – Southern Effect / MSBR – Kyofu-No Zunou-Kaikaku
  13. Francisco López – Untitled #132
  14. EKG – Shift or Latch
  15. Burning Star Core – Physical Culture / Christian Weber – Osaka Solo
  16. Lionel Marchetti – Saturne
  17. John Wiese – Live at Mon Ton Son
  18. Andy Gilmore – Live at Init.One / Damion Romero & Daniel Menche – You Misunderstood Me First

The latest volume of Tetracosa, Shiflet’s 24-hour composition that he’s releasing over the course of the year, is available here.

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