Review: Dosis Letalis – Smisao Života Je Sloboda (Lurker Bias, May 7)

Smisao Života Je Sloboda is one of the most immersive wall noise releases I have heard in a long time. The entire tape runs just under an hour and a half, and though you’ll hear the same thing if you listen to each track for five minutes or their entire duration, this is music to truly get lost in. The first time I listened, I didn’t even plan to get through the whole thing, but found that the hypnotic, stagnant noise put me into a trance-like state. These walls are masterfully crafted, somehow revealing more elements as time progresses without actually changing at all. The static collages of textures are truly astounding, balancing bassy rumblings with lively electrical crackles, almost sounding like a gigantic mountain collapsing in on itself in slow motion. I often compare wall noise in general, and especially stuff like this, to a piece of visual art like a painting or sculpture; it doesn’t change no matter how long you observe it, but more its subtle details and facets become clear the longer you look. Dosis Letalis’ music is something really special; it actively takes a hold of me and doesn’t let go until the wall is over, and then somehow makes me want to listen again. Thankfully, Smisao Života Je Sloboda is no exception.