Mix: More Walls (Volume Warning)

Been listening to a lot of wall stuff lately so I thought I’d put my recent standbys together into a mix. For many of these I’d recommend checking out the full tapes/albums, hard to get the full effect otherwise. Hope you enjoy!

00:00. Lucy Jane Garcia – “Call Me Lucy Pt. I” from Call Me Lucy (self-released, 2016)

05:00. See Through Buildings – “Stage for One” from I’ll Waive the Cover Charge (Lost Light, 2016)

10:00. Shurayuki-hime – “A” from In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun (GERÄUSCHMANUFAKTUR, 2016)

15:00. Yume Hayashi – “B” from What the Summer Rain Knows (Avocado Tapes, 2016)

20:00. Eco Terror – “CASKET” 1, 12, 21, 31, 35 from Matryoshka Caskets (self-released, 2016)

24:44. Dosis Letalis – “Hurt and Anger I” from Hurt and Anger (Minimalist, 2017)

29:32. Taskmaster – Side A of Kriemhild Anal Saxon (Harsh Head Rituals, 2006)

35:00. Panic – “I’m Going Hunting” from Hunter (Cantankerous, 2011)

40:00. White Gold – “At the Least” from White Gold 2 (Troniks, 2017)

45:00. Heaven of Animals – “EIS//II_II_A” from Experiments in Shortwave Vol. II (Deadleg, 2018)

50:00. Train Cemetery – “Slough II” from Slough (Murder on Ponce, 2016)

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