Review: Architectonicum – Constructionis (Geräuschmanufaktur, Jun 2)

Three titans of the contemporary noise scene embark on a fascinating journey into “architectural noise wall” on Constructionis. James Sherman, Clive Henry, and Nemanja Nikolić, collectively known as Architectonicum, each contribute a wall for each of the three “Murus” movements, which are combined to form the “Construct” pieces. Accompanied by an arcane concept and manifesto postulated by Jan Warnke, Constructionis is a release steeped in interesting ideas – but setting that aside, it’s also an amazing collection of walls all on its own. Warnke’s definition calls for the development and ownership of a personal style, a “strong signature” that carries new sounds and opinions. Each musician took this to heart, presenting their unique approaches to wall building; Henry’s fine and minimal, Sherman’s guttural and throaty, Nikolić’s thick and lush. And the true power of the concept is realized with the Constructs, melding the three into impossibly heavy, rumbling, monolithic masterpieces. It’s wonderful to see a movement away from the nihilistic, detached philosophies that dominated the genre early on, and Warnke opens up new doors for wall noise becoming a collaborative, synergistic, and fun art form.