Review: Andrew Fogarty & David Lacey – The Wig (Fort Evil Fruit, Jul 20)

The mind-numbing ennui of a corporate office workplace is reshaped and manipulated to yield unexpected beauty on Andrew Fogarty and David Lacey’s new collaborative tape The Wig. Mostly composed of recordings collected via “ingenious subversion” on company time, the two artists stitch together the mundane and dubious sounds of copiers, printers, shuffling boxes, and others I can’t place, using synthetic tones and crackles as needle and thread. While the unremarkable origin of the recordings is, in my opinion, crucial to the final product’s strange appeal, each sound is merely an ingredient, used on equal footing with the others to create unpredictable texture collages. It’s this coexistence of method that makes Fogarty and Lacey’s approach interesting, not really neatly fitting into either the principles of musique concrète or the area of field recording exploration. But, of course, uniqueness is never almost never a bad thing, and I’d say that the inscrutability of The Wig is what will bring many back for repeated listens, as we try to unravel these mysterious sounds.