Review: Metasplice – Mirvariates (The Trilogy Tapes, Jul 2)

On their new album, Philadelphia electronic duo Metasplice deals in cerebral, high-frequency warbles and damaged rhythms. Mirvariates is certainly a noisy album, with its piercing glitches and distorted rumbles, but it clearly has more goals in mind than aggression and harsh textures. It has those things too, however; opening track “Cirrension” is a swirling range of metallic timbres, an abstract wall of sound whose oscillating tones and mechanical groans shift lazily along a liquid current. Even here, when Mirvariates is at its least structured, the muffled, woozy rhythms that ground everything are present; and they only become more apparent as the record progresses. After the breathtaking “Vase Weight Re-Route,” middle tracks “Aridtaq” and “Subaltic Render” present a less violent approach, with much of the distortion absent in favor of drifting synth clouds. Metasplice have achieved something really special with this balance between calm and confrontation, and it’s what makes Mirvariates that much more diverse and immersive, even with its already captivating arsenal of textures.