Review: Mordan Jaikel – Open Your Lie (Mascarpone, Aug 10)

This diminutive but dense cassette by American project Mordan Jaikel is chock full of haphazard, cut and paste fun. Romping through 30 tracks in 27 minutes, Open Your Lie plunders a colorful toy box of sounds full of everything from plasticky synth melodies and zolo-esque prog miniatures to quirky spoken word and processed concrète samples. The segmented, almost schizophrenic vignette format works well for Mordan Jaikel’s music, for as much of its charm comes from the unexpected changes and impermanence as the eccentric collages themselves. From the hilarious speech manipulations of opening piece “Good Morning,” it’s clear that Open Your Lie is unafraid to explore both the playfully surreal and the unsettlingly cryptic; the latter is less present but crops up on oddities like penultimate track “Fire Machine,” in which a heavily affected recording creates a brief but spellbinding dark atmosphere. It’s amazing how these minuscule pieces construct their own little worlds and stories, which are almost immediately torn down and rearranged by the ones after.