Review: SkullxPiercer – First Degree Murder (Bruxism, Oct 14)

First Degree Murder is LOUD and FAST. And if you’re anything like me, that’s enough of a description to give it a shot, especially considering that the transnational duo SkullxPiercer’s debut tape is only eleven minutes. Stuffed chock-full with samples that are equal parts silly and terrifying, furious blast beats, heavily distorted shrieks, and brief interjections of squalling noise, it’s an exhausting but exhilarating ride. With song durations ranging from almost two minutes to a mere one second, First Degree Murder establishes an unyielding momentum that barrels mercilessly through the entire tape, stubbornly grasping onto every last bit of energy. Even on tracks with whiplash transitions — like penultimate pummeler “Cannibal Hamburger Nightmare,” in which a guy nonchalantly describing cutting up crack whores in his trailer to make his ‘special meat’ splits time with crusty sludge riffs and blasts — the murderous vigor and volume never budges from pushing hard against the far right of the dial. Check out First Degree Murder if (a) You’re tired of fun, spooky Halloween festivities and want something truly evil and terrifying, (b) You’ve got some crack whores to slice up and need some brutal hardcore for a soundtrack, or (c) you want music that is LOUD and FAST.