Review: Guttersnipe – My Mother the Vent (Upset the Rhythm, Oct 26)

Brutal. There is no other word that more accurately describes My Mother the Vent. There are neither brakes nor breaks on this unstoppable train of scalding noise, constructed, mind-bogglingly produced solely by the duo of Uroceras Gigas and Tipula Confusa. The cryptically titled opening tracks—though now that I look through the track list pretty much every track has a bizarre title—”Loaded From the Vector Trap” and “Like My Voice Was Holothurin” pound into submission with jagged freely improvised guitars, punishing drum work, and completely deranged screams and shrieks. As a whole, My Mother the Vent explores the edge of technicality, playing complex rhythms until they collapse and then picking up the pieces. “Stromatolite’s Kiss” is nothing short of exhausting; it wraps rusting metal limbs around the listener and pulls them into its nightmarish landscape of insanity and ruin. And just when you can’t take anymore of the meandering sections, a vicious blast beat enters and destroys everything in its path. I’m being hyperbolic as usual, but this album is so overwhelming that I can’t help it. “Pipa Pipa Portalspawn” descends into an evil groove, the chugging drums and guitar creating a dark, oppressive atmosphere, before we are launched into the ten minute opus “God’s Will to Gain Access.” It’s a fitting end, cramming as much violent excess before everything explodes at the end, leaving only a confusing, even pretty ambient conclusion. This is one of those albums that feels so much longer than it actually is, but in a good way.