Review: For Your Health – Nosebleeds (Middle-Man, Jan 28)

Emotional hardcore offers up catharsis in a variety of forms. Some bands express feelings and atmosphere through rough, throat-tearing screams and blast beats, while others stick with melodic guitars and earnest, to-the-point lyrics. For Your Health, a promising new quartet from Columbus, OH, bursts out of the woodwork with guns blazing on both of those fronts. The short-and-sweet (well, depends on your definition of ‘sweet’) Nosebleeds 7″ is their first studio release, and sees the band cutting their teeth across the gamut of screamo music. The seven tracks, the longest of which barely reaches two and a half minutes, garner their powerful, almost overwhelming emotional weight from moments of both twinkly beauty and eviscerating stretches of violent, percussive freakouts. The quite straightforwardly-titled “FUCK ICE” emerges from a well-placed sample into an accelerating cacophony that drips with delirious anger, and is the peak of the furious whirlwind that’s conjured by the first five tracks, before the wistful singalong of “Second Aid Kit” and patient repetition of “Exit Flesh” bring it all to a satisfying conclusion. Every time I finish this thing I find myself bewildered by how little time has actually passed since I put it on, because in just eleven minutes these guys put you through a gauntlet that feels a whole hell of a lot longer (in a good way, of course).

Physical copies of Nosebleeds on 7″ vinyl and cassettes will be available here in March.