Review: Cavatus & PKWST – Ruins of Bronzemaw (Low Life High Volume, Apr 29)

At only five and a half minutes, Cavatus and PKWST’s first collaboration is over pretty quickly—but I highly doubt that it will fail to make an impact on any listener. The horrifying depravity of these two artists’ aesthetic vision on Ruins of Bronzemaw should come as no surprise considering their recent collaborations and releases. Though both musicians’ bodies of work have a broad stylistic history, Cavatus made his first foray into gore on last year’s Dinosaur Maker, also on LLHV, and PKWST’s Roman numerals series touches on similarly dark, disturbing territory. This new release, though, is a different beast, and its unhinged, insane deconstruction of goregrind, industrial, and harsh noise makes for some of the most intense music either artist has produced. “I” begins things in a truly murderous, unceremonious manner, irreverently smashing together detuned guitar chugs, clashing rhythms, deafening blasts of chunky distortion, and disgusting gore vocals to produce a stumbling musical Frankenstein. True to form, the album is mastered too damn loudly, but anything else would just be insufficient. To listen to Ruins of Bronzemaw is to be pummeled into submission by said ‘musical Frankenstein’ until you’re nothing more than the bloody mess shown on the cover, a task happily accomplished through overwhelming volume, nightmarish atmosphere, and, of course, unapologetic grossness.