Review: Peter Kutin – Torso (Dinzu Artefacts, May 1)

Sound artist Peter Kutin’s TORSO installation is composed of four speakers on a biaxial rotating structure, their output captured by carefully placed static microphones that transfer the sound they pick up to a four channel PA system. With sounds specifically chosen for this work, Kutin examines the effects of acceleration and spacial feedback on audio sources in motion, a disorienting and hypnotic effect that comes across in the dizzying, rhythmic oscillations immortalized on the Dinzu cassette release. The initially insubstantial presence of heavily processed drones and spectral vocal treatments gains ferocity as their movement changes speed, accumulating strength even as hints of fragility and instability are sown by the sounds’ passage past the microphones. “Part II” presents an extended study of this evolution, with quiet wails gathering volume as they are gradually plagued by squeals of feedback. The recording of the installation also captures another crucial element: that of the human audience, whose subtle coughs and shifts ground the alien sounds that are emitted by Kutin’s elaborate sonic windmill.