Mix: Past Vocalisms

This mix is based on a strange little digital-only album released last October by Spricht Editions, a Denmark imprint focused on “vocal oriented sound.” Here are where our unspoken words, random gargles, little tongue clicks we do when we’re irritated or bored, unintelligible howls of frustration, and hums of contentment all gather and congeal. Take care that your shoes don’t get stuck in the muck—but if they do, stay a while.

Ami Yoshida

00:00. c.haxholm – “1” from Past Vocalisms (Spricht Editions, 2019)

06:38. Graham Lambkin & Áine O’Dwyer – “One and One Is Two” from Green Ways (Erstwhile, 2018)

10:47. Lily Greenham – “Improvisation” from Lingual Music (Paradigm Discs, 2007)

12:04. Ami Yoshida – 5th untitled track from Tiger Thrush (Improvised Music from Japan, 2003)

14:26. Gil J. Wolman – “Mégapneumies” from L’Anticoncept (Alga Marghen, 1999)

16:07. Yeast Culture – “Folk Songs of the Neskowin Indians” from Dueterium: Yeast Culture Improvacoustic Series Vol. 1 (Regional Bears, 2019)

20:54. Ute Wassermann, Duncan Harrison, Dylan Nyoukis & Claus Haxholm – excerpt from side A of Dissecting an Utterance (Spricht Editions, 2019)

22:49. Katalin Ladik – “Shaman Song / Sámánének” from Phonopoetics (Alga Marghen, 2019)

24:14. Michael Barthel – excerpt from side C of Heme (Geräuschmanufaktur, 2017)

26:26. Jamison Williams – “Part One” from Silly Symphonies, Vol. 1 (Lurker Bias, 2020)

29:19. Matthew Revert – “Dear Heath” from Letters to Friends of the Late Darcy O’Meara (Round Bale Recordings, 2018)

32:24. Rodrigo Ambriz – “Despojado al fin por su propio soplo” from Una silueta se precipita en arcadas (Szara Reneta, 2018)