Mix: Environmental Interactions

Pieces of improvised music that whether intentionally or unintentionally incorporate the sounds of their surroundings. Audiences (both human and not) and locales introduce new, serendipitous textures or influence the progression of the piece in fantastically unpredictable ways.

Max Eastley & Evan Parker

00:00. Three Forks – “Drunken Traffic” [excerpt] from Seven Layer Ape (United Fairy Moons, 2005)

03:33. Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville – “Gala” from Scrum (Feeding Tube, 2016)

10:10. R.O.T. – excerpt from fifth segment of Klein Eiland (morc, 2020)

12:17. Alec Livaditis – “Clear and Cloud” [excerpt] from Clear and Cloud (Kye, 2015)

16:32. Áine O’Dwyer – “An Unkindness of Ravens” from Music for Church Cleaners (Fort Evil Fruit, 2012)

19:26. Chow Mwng – “Grid Ref SH610646” from Dis-Ordinance (Recordiau Dukes, 2019)

23:43. Evan Parker – second untitled track from Evan Parker with Birds (Treader, 2004)

32:10. Glorias Navales – “Enero Vuelta” from Cofradía Náutica (Kye, 2016)

34:17. Derek Bailey – “Paris” [excerpt] from Aida (Incus, 1980)