Mix: Grave Rave

The music plays, the bass thumps, thuds, thumps. The moon shines high overhead despite you being 90% sure you’re inside. Fog rolls in across the sticky beer-drenched floor and a chilling wind blows, but it just feels like a nice breeze to your overheated, sweat-drenched body. What’s that on your forearm? Looks like a rash. You go to scratch it and recoil in horror as a decent-sized chunk of skin comes off with a single rake of your fingernails. Kneeling down to pick up the glob of gore only causes more to slough off as the rotted flesh of your back splits wide open, exposing your spine and your rib cage, out of which slide two sluglike, smoke-blackened lungs. You look around in helpless terror to see all of the other clubgoers gleefully shedding their outer layers, down to realize that it’s not beer that stains the floor, but blood, and up to the ceiling/sky, where the moon now shines a deep orange, casting the mass of dancing, prancing skeletons below in a bath of jack-o-lantern light. Welcome to the grave rave.

00:00. Kim Petras – “Close Your Eyes” from Turn Off the Light (BunHead, 2019)

03:47. Darkless – “Unholy” from Unholy (No Tomorrow, 2020)

08:14. Pink Tooth – “Unlock” from Mustard (self-released, 2016)

10:21. Owl Vision – “Dead Shall Rise” from The Black Plague (DGA Fäu, 2011)

14:26. Knife Party – “Ghost Train” from Lost Souls EP (self-released, 2019)

18:42. Toy Shoulders – “Crypt Delivery” from EP G (self-released, 2017)

21:13. KSHMR – “It Follows [Halloween Special Remix]” (self-released, 2015)

24:12. Video Life – “Inner Thought” from Eat Your Friends EP (EDM Network, 2015)

31:19. Randomer – “Stigma” from HS002 (Headstrong, 2018)

37:00. clipping. – “Body & Blood” from CLPPNG (Sub Pop, 2014)