Mix: Dusty Sun (Remastered)

My favorite Darksmith track is the haunting “Everything Is Breaking” on Total Vacuum because during the all-too-often times when everything around me is breaking it seems to be the only thing that gets it. Unfortunately, now is one of those times, and this latest breakage is uniquely catastrophic, so demoralizing and destructive that I find myself reaching to memory, nostalgia, other distant inner-intangibles because the present is no longer survivable. I’ve gotten a lot better at making mixes since I cobbled together Dusty Sun more than half a decade ago, both in terms of technical arrangement and thematic curation (and Mark Kozelek has become a lot more of a known abuser), but this time capsule of my favorite tracks from days spent neglecting the sunsets remains a somewhat entertaining hour of music—at least, in my opinion—so I’ve kept the original cuts the way they are. The answer is in the amber and I can only keep averting my eyes for so long.

© Renee Tolliger

00:00. Astrobrite – “Crasher” from Crush (Clairecords, 2001)

04:03. Galaxie 500 – “Tugboat” from Today (Aurora, 1988)

07:44. Women – “Narrow with the Hall” from Public Strain (Jagjaguwar, 2010)

10:16. No Age – “Eraser” from Nouns (Sub Pop, 2008)

12:49. Nothing – “Hymn to the Pillory” from Guilty of Everything (Relapse, 2014)

17:25. Slowdive – “Brighter” from Just for a Day (Creation, 1991)

21:02. Atlas Sound – “Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox)” from Logos (Kranky, 2009)

24:57. Sun Kil Moon* – “Salvador Sanchez” from Ghosts of the Great Highway (Jetset, 2003)

31:23. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)” from II (Jagjaguwar, 2013)

34:06. The Microphones – “The Glow” from It Was Hot, We Stayed in the Water (K, 2000)

45:03. Have a Nice Life – “There Is No Food” from Deathconsciousness (Enemies List, 2008)

48:49. Titus Andronicus – “Albert Camus” from The Airing of Grievances (Troubleman Unlimited, 2008)

55:04. Toy – “Endlessly” from Join the Dots (Heavenly, 2013)

59:38. The Jesus & Mary Chain – “Just Like Honey” from Psychocandy (Blanco y Negro, 1985)

* Please do not financially support Mark Kozelek (which includes streaming), especially not on my behalf.

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