Review: readymade music (for listening) – perfect music (audio) & for making (self-released, Jan 2)

Would it be possible to find a more fitting artist for my return to regular reviews than Calgary newcomers readymade music (for listening)? I mean, these guys must get right down to business—their efficiency is promised right there in the name. And in fact they sample the Bachman-Turner Overdrive song “Taking Care of Business” in “taking business man turns to take care to take care,” along with cameo appearances by several other songs you’ve heard way too many damn times: “Jump,” the infamous “Bitter Sweet Symphony” sample, a two-second micro-blast of “My Sharona,” absent-minded humming of “Ice Ice Baby,” and a half complete piracy half “creative” reimagining of “Seven Nation Army” on “seven black and white people” that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. perfect music (audio) is the true debut work by the duo of artists known only as Andy and Shamus, a less than six-minute digital release that includes all of these cuts of irreverent dada pop-culture corruption and sloppy basement recording jams, each flitting by at lightning speed to compensate for the duo’s scattershot attention span. readymade music (for listening) has the hyperactive and deconstructive tendencies of boio™ but is both bolstered and bogged down by commodification, tedium, and triviality. Thankfully, those of us without such talent for cutting cultural critique are given a fast and easy solution: for making, a companion album that very helpfully provides two inspirational speeches and backing tracks (which are essentially just all of the pop songs borrowed for perfect music without the band’s contributions) for budding musicians looking to cut their teeth on what the real pros play. The second track even has a metronome for those struggling to keep up. Ring in 2021 with probably the most annoying shit you’ll hear all year!