Review: Luxury Mollusc – DEFENCELESS RECIPIENT OF OVERTURES (Full Logic Control Recordings, Jan 1)

DEFENCELESS RECIPIENT OF OVERTURES (by the way, you have to pronounce this by shouting it; that’s not always true for all-caps titles but it is for this one. I don’t make the rules) doesn’t lay all its cards on the table until about two-thirds of the way through its first track, part one of “CAULDRON.” Up until then all the shredded concrete crackle and washes of feedback are shrouded beneath a sickly membrane, bubbling up taut against the slimy skin of this Jello-shell but not quite breaking through. That is, until around the three-and-a-half-minute mark, when a finally successful materialization of all the false teasing crescendos that sputtered and died before rips through the mix with overwhelming volume and harrowing unhingedness. It’s difficult to tell for sure whether or not there are vocals buried beneath this hideous, rusty chain-link tapestry of noise (although there is a brief bit of what is almost certainly speech at the beginning of “ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT THE INCREASING COST OF FUNERALS”), but whether literal or otherwise the end of “CAULDRON PART 1” is for all intents and purposes a scream—the desperate, agonized, reality-tearing scream of someone being submerged in molten metal. Overall, this new tape in the relatively small discography of long-running Irish project Luxury Mollusc remains reticent with its all-out abrasion, electing to keep a grease-soaked boot planted firmly in the atmospheric, which gives listeners the gift of vicious harshness drenched in softness, echo, and open space—like a much dirtier backyard-shed version of Love & Noise.