Mix: The Noise Not Music Comfort Robots Present a Lullaby for Those Too Scared to Sleep

The last mix was already quite calm and reserved, and usually I try to switch things up, but the description I wrote for that one was bleak as hell anyway and frankly my knotted-up brain needs all the cozy music it can get. I’ve realized that if I’m given curatorial control of any kind of mix I’ll inevitably turn it into the platform for some disturbing, mood-killing existential treatise, so the board and I have made the mutual decision to hand the reins to our in-house Comfort Robots. The cost of getting them fully programmed was pretty damn steep, so we didn’t do that, but they have had the concept of beauty verbally explained to them, which we feel is sufficient. If you find any errors in the content they’ve produced (available below) don’t hesitate to reach out; to be honest I really need a reason to turn these annoying little fuckers into scrap. They keep trying to hug me.

Cartoon of a confused robot
This is what CR-008b (“MOMO”) looks like when it asks me if it can use the botroom

00:00. Axolotl – “Telesma” [excerpt] from Telesma (Spooky Action, 2006)

06:22. Wim Dehaen – “Ústí OST” [excerpt] from 12 Elegies for Pierre Boulez / Ústí OST (ACR, 2018)

07:07. Désormais – “Brief Lights, Broken Compass” from Iambrokenandremadeiambroken… (Intr_version, 2003)
[title comes from another song on this album, and no, don’t worry, your headphones are not broken]

13:12. Biographs – “ground felt softer today” from must dissolve (Reckno, 2014)

18:03. Belong – “I’m Too Sleepy… Shall We Swim?” from October Language (Carpark, 2006)

23:04. Pure & Ultra Milkmaids – first untitled track [excerpt] from s[e]nd (Vacuum, 2000)

25:16. Open Marriage – “Domestic Science” from Destiny USA (self-released, 2014)

33:23. The Hers – “How Night Works on the World” from Tough C~~t (Sex Lies Magnetic Tape, 2012)

35:09. Erik Levander – “Under timmerstockarnas stilla flykt” [excerpt] from Couesnon (Katuktu, 2018)