Review: Psychiceyeclix – SHELPULTURA (Doubledgescissor, Feb 12)

Remember all those stories about the haunted Furbies? Even to this day, if you Google “what to do when your Furby…” the first autocomplete option is “what to do when your Furby turns evil.” Whether a complete accident or an R.L. Stine–esque case of specifically marketing frightening stuff to kids in order to scare the shit out of them, those fuckers are cursed. And what better way to make use of cursed toys than to torture, dissect, and otherwise abuse them in order to conjure equally cursed sounds? On SHELPULTURA, Psychiceyeclix uses the primitive circuitry of the 2001 McDonald’s plastic Happy Meal monstrosity “Shelby” toy—with absolutely “no FX, plugins, sweaty men or other sounds used,” instead sticking to basics like “pitch shift, EQ, [and] reverse”—to produce one of the better trash-electronic albums I’ve heard in a while. Each of the eleven short tracks is an abrasive onslaught of fast-ballooning distortion blasts, warped speech presets, and damaged melodic fragments like sickly-sweet MIDI loops filtered through an industrial shredder. Whether the artist sequenced and assembled the material using some sort of DAW or performed it all live, the fast-paced volatility of the music (a quality commonly associated with circuit bending, but here it’s even more significant) mines the same overwhelming, adrenaline-pumping exhilaration that the best examples of analog cut-up noise incite. So if you wake up in the middle of the night and see those glowing, murderous red-LED eyes burning through the darkness, play this album to remind that plastic piece of shit what’s in store for it.