Mix: The Spindly Insect Legs of Love and Loss

“The tender gesture says: ask me anything that can put your body to sleep, but also do not forget that I desire you—a little, lightly, without trying to seize anything right away.” —Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments

The microscopic unutterables of a doomed love: first the curious, tentative, beautiful pirouettes of fingertips tracing new territory for the first time; next the invisible buildup of stagnancy, doubt, uncertainty, fear, sabotage, still with fleeting spots of light; then the loneliness, despair, longing touches meeting only empty air; and finally the idealistic but ultimately futile look toward something new. Never let go.

Fireball painting by Helen Frankenthaler
Helen Frankenthaler, “Fireball” (1981)

00:00. soft tissue – “glass master” from soft tissue (Penultimate Press, 2019)

02:28. Nathaniel Young – “exploit_01” from Stringed Exploits (_phinery, 2016)

04:32. Ivan Palacký – Sanctuary [excerpt] (piece for Amplify 2020 festival)

06:29. Peter Lenaerts – fourth part [excerpt] of Serbian Orthodox Church of the Prophet Elijah (Very Quiet, 2013)

09:16. Kim Cascone & Scanner – “Behavioural Sink” [excerpt] from The Crystalline Address (Sub Rosa, 2002)

10:33. Porcje Rosołowe – “Metua Tympanis” from Insects 4-7 (Crónica, 2015)

13:00. Klaysstar – “Right” from More No Place (Outlet Archival, 2020)

14:52. Sachiko M – Salon de Sachiko [excerpt] (Hitorri, 2007)

20:14. Takamitsu Ohta – “cqicx,qikcco.cqqico,,” from Three Ways to Output from a Recorder (Careful Catalog, 2019)

24:35. Dominique Vaccaro – “05” from Close Distances (Dinzu Artefacts, 2018)

26:09. Massimo Toniutti – “Scraps upon Tempered Fields” [excerpt] from antidocument/groundwork (Vitrine, 2016)

28:54. Shirt Trax – “crtL” from Good News About Space (OR, 1999)

31:49. Climax Golden Twins – fifth untitled track from Dream Cut Short in the Mysterious Clouds (Anomalous, 2000)

35:24. Daphne X – “Yoga” from NaCl (self-released, 2018)