Review: *sigh* – SCH0äDEL_book​:​~;03222021 (self-released, Mar 24)

a3679374357_10SCH0äDEL_book​:​~​;03222021 is over in less than 28 seconds. It has almost that many songs, but the bite-sized cuts average just a second or two in duration, and some not even that. In a way somewhat similar to i.d’s classic ,​!​_;_​:​!​_7​:​+​!​_​-​+​;​,​.​!​_g​-​7​/​;7_​,​.​;y​!​_g;​,​/​+​Xg;​+​:​yXgg​,​.​- and Greathumour’s more recent Choose the Forceps, half the fun of listening to the newest release from this exasperated-exhale-inspired project is watching the Unicode-nightmare track titles whiz by at lightning speed as the microscopic shot of sound trapped within each tears from its prison for just a few ecstatic milliseconds. Don’t try to stream this one from the Bandcamp web player; true gapless playback is absolutely essential for that dizzying channel-surf effect to fully come across. Snatches of conversations too brief to be in any way intelligible, sprightly video-arcade vignettes, impatient experiments, and chunks of distorted debris are just a few of the countless components that comprise this multifarious collage of addictive, flashy impermanence. The perfect soundtrack for the exponential deterioration of my musical attention span.