Mix: Based Bass

The double bass was actually the first instrument I ever properly learned how to play. For me it was simply a stepping stone to the electric bass guitar, but I still hold a deep appreciation for those who devote their lives to taming these giant wooden beasts, stretching their physical, tonal, and timbral possibilities to new heights (and nadirs, depending on how you look at it). There are few contexts in which the double bass feels more fully actualized than on its own; stripped to the raw duality of performer and instrument, solo bass playing mines the true potential of the object on either end of the dynamic spectrum—both brutality and delicacy.

00:00. Joëlle Léandre – “Hein ! Quoi, Je T’entends Plus” from Sincerely (Plainisphare, 1985)

05:39. Luke Stewart – January 17, 2019 [excerpt] (Fire Over Heaven, 2021)

13:16. Peter Kowald – part 16 of Was Da Ist (FMP, 1995)

15:44. Kent Kessler – “Furthermore” from Bull Fiddle (Okka Disk, 2002)

17:11. Michael Formanek – “Crawlspace” from Am I Bothering You? (Screwgun, 1998)

21:31. Brandon Lopez – “The Full of Good Ideas” from The Church of Plenty Empty (No Rent, 2018)

26:42. Djuna Lee – untitled track from #1 Solo Improvisations V/A compilation (Residence, 2016)

31:13. Otto Willberg – first untitled track from short album (self-released, 2020)

35:01. Félicie Bazelaire – “the night” from Pyramids (self-released, 2020)