Review: INDEXESS – INDEXESS (Blue Static, Jun 16)

a2253008054_10I often describe particularly unmusical music using physical-action metaphors like “scraped off,” “discarded,” “sloughed,” “scavenged,” etc. Many of these motions don’t necessarily change the materials they’re affecting in any fundamental or chemical way; they simply involve creating new uses and formations. With INDEXESS, I’m not sure any of the aforementioned descriptive tools apply better than something more like “molder,” “ferment,” “decompose.” This inaugural release from Columbus, OH–based netlabel Blue Static Records is to music as rancid black putrefaction liquid is to living organic beings. Both “CREEP” and “STYG” are barely there, just gusts of distant, frail distortion susurrating like a sickly summer garbage-day breeze slithering through a tattered windsock, yet even with such a paltry presence one cannot escape a feeling of invasive, cloying filthiness. I’m reminded a bit of Strange Mammal of Doom’s Are Strange 2, an album I wrote about in April, in that both works gain quite a bit from their own obstinate lack of structure and convention. INDEXESS, though, feels more antagonistic, even misanthropic, which sounds hyperbolic until you hear the final two tracks—especially “BRICKD,” an impenetrable wall of squall that would make even the most overzealous dental hygienist with wax-clogged ears lose their mind. All together, a cavernous abandoned station in the middle of nowhere filled with shrieking industrial ghosts: one of our last stops on the train ride to the end of music.