Mix: Ecstatic Electronics

For the third and perhaps final installment in my series of electronic music mixes (preceded by Unruly Electronics and Lifeless Electronics), I’ve focused on tracks with such boundless, infectious energy that one feels as though they’re about to burst if they don’t start moving to the music. There’s plenty of peace and joy here, but there’s also intensity, surreality, intoxication, hedonism—everything that seems to blur into a single, seamless mass of life when many become one on a sweat-soaked dance floor.

00:00. Faxada – “Month” from Paraa (Darling, 2018)

01:57. Nonturn – “Evidence” from Territory (Audiobulb, 2018)

06:15. Fuck Buttons – “Phantom Limb” from Tarot Sport (ATP, 2009)

11:04. RXM Reality – “Climateric” from Advent (Orange Milk, 2021)

15:07. Paszka – “Terakota” from Gluon (Noumenal Loom, 2020)

18:11. Arca – “Mequetrefe” from KiCk i (XL, 2020)

20:33. Black Dice – “Glazin” from Repo (Paw Tracks, 2009)

24:24. Stab Something – “French Love” from Stab Something (self-released, 2012)

27:02. John Object – “RPG” [excerpt] from Pre-Heat (Bio Future Laboratory, 2018)

29:42. Exploited Body – “Threnody” [feat. APEAK] from Threnody (self-released, 2019)

33:17. Herbarium – “Herbalife (Gem Tree Recycle)” from Свежесть (Eco Futurism Corporation, 2018)

35:18. Dan Deacon – “Never Do That (Mars)” from Meetle Mice (Standard Oil, 2004)