Review: Iwate Yamagata – Hanada Will Say “RON” (Bizarre Audio Arts, Jul 9)

I have never heard of Bizarre Audio Arts, which has apparently been “destruyendo oidos desde 1995” (destroying ears since 1995); nor have I heard of Iwate Yamagata, the “obscure” musician from Japan and Ecuador (!!!); nor have I heard of Yusuke Furusawa, another artist whose photographs are included in a booklet packaged with the cassette and presumably on the cover; nor have I any idea of what Hanada Will Say “RON” means. But even if you’re anything like me, who despite not wanting to admit is always desperately scrambling for context and background information, any and all frustrations will be washed away by the searing molten metal avalanche that is the primary noise palette on this thing. After a brief introduction, “Hyper Object: Thomason” sets the stage for the sort of high-octane psychedelic chaos that is to come, whipping up densely layered storms of howling feedback squall and pummeling mid-range churn. For much of its duration Hanada Will Say “RON” settles into a hypnotic static dynamism on par with the most legendary of harsh noise classics; unrelenting hyper-currents of dense, caustic distortion form a base of shifting scrap-metal sands for contained sound events within the blurring onslaught (it’s nearly impossible to tell when one track ends and another begins), which range from screeching industrial clamor and soaring errant tones to sluggish loops and haunting samples. It’s a wild ride, to be sure, and I feel like having a better understanding of what the hell, if anything, is going on here thematically or conceptually, but I’m content to wallow in ear-destroying ignorance for the foreseeable future.