Review: Songs for Everyone – Song for the Creature (self-released, Aug 20)

I would kill for a behind-the-scenes look at this spectacular album; even though that’s not something I usually care about much at all, but I hardly know anything about Songs for Everyone, and the fact that Song for the Creature has the clean caustic sound profile of a heavily computer-based approach with the textural diversity, natural dynamics, and volatility of an analog setup makes me extremely curious as to what role each plays in the final mixture. Clocking in at just over a hundred minutes of searing atmospherics, this ambitious digital-only release (it’s also available, somewhat hilariously, on all popular streaming services for your on-demand convenience) captures and captivates with ease—movements and transitions are placed at exactly the right spots between stretches of psychedelic near-stagnation, creative instantaneous injections unseat the status quo or further harmonize with it, and on a macro level everything moves together so organically that it ends up not feeling nearly as long as it is. Despite some excellent starting blasts, the lengthy tracks blur together somewhat, which is not at all a bad thing for this type of music, and yet each section has its own eminently memorable events: a dense, jagged outer shell materializing around mono-confined feedback screech in part one, supercharged harmonic shifts and subtleties in two, shattered spatiality and stilted, scuttling near-silence in five and six. For those who have been reveling 2021’s endlessly bountiful harsh harvest, this is one that cannot be missed. I think I speak for Everyone when I say that The Creature is very pleased.