Mix: Teeth on Tinfoil

Last one too tame for you? Have no fear. This bite-sized dose of the absolute harshest that harsh noise of all kinds has to offer will set you straight.

00:00. Goottama – “Every Difficulty Slurred Over Will Be a Ghost to Disturb Your Repose Later on” from Cut Off (self-released, 2021)

00:46. nkondi – tenth untitled track from Popfailure (dollfullofrivets, 2005)

02:31. Beautyon – 12th untitled track from No02 (Irdial Discs, 1997)

02:50. dehors – seventh untitled track from The Black Metal Mixtape (Seminal, 2016)

05:12. Lettera 22 – third untitled track from Lack of Attention (Ljud & Bild Produktion, 2011)

05:33. Total Mom – “Uncomfortable” from We Fed the Pig My Music (No Rent, 2018)

07:43. LHD – first untitled track from Curtains (Troniks, 2004)

08:50. Yataghan – “Trash I” from Funeral (Shrouded Recordings, 2021)

10:22. Halflings – “Taint” from Halflings (self-released, 2006)

11:44. T.E.F. – ninth untitled track from Symptomatic Harbinger (Harshnoise, 2003)

12:13. Kiley Minoise – “SpreeVSteal” from Spank-Magic Lodge (Kovorox Sound, 2006)

13:59. Daniel Iván Bruno – “Chiozza” from Brazo (TVL, 2021)

15:19. Polly Velvet – “Scaling” from Stomatology (self-released, 2020)

16:15. Greathumour – “if (window != window.top) top.location.href = location.href; if(window.screen){ self.moveTo(0,0); self.resizeTo(screen.width ,screen.height); self.focus(); }” from Choose the Obsolete (Tribe Tapes, 2020)

17:06. Rose Sobchak – ninth untitled track from Untitled (Heart-Shaped Box, 2019)

17:24. Venta Protesix – second untitled track from Existential Dread Simulator (urbsounds, 2020)

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