Review: Blood of Chhinnamastika – Black Dakini (Enforced Existence, Nov 17)

Though I originally found the label via some of their tape releases (Reid Karris’s Obscure Sorrows, Tissa Mawartyassari and PBK’s And the Angels Wept Upon Descent collaboration), it’s the humble, handmade CDr editions of RY Myato’s Enforced Existence that are a reliable and consistent source for new music I love: xfeverx’s spellbinding, gestural Trans Body Music; the tactile textures and automated percussion of Jo Bled’s Cleanses the Way Stars Open; and Malice in Their Hearts, a radically reticent set of walls from eternal genre keystone Dosis Letalis. Plus, each will only set you back $3. Yet another great entry has arrived in the form of Black Dakini, California cut-up curio Blood of Chhinnamastika’s newest material: five sprawling tracks that unite several infernal tentacles of stylistic exploration under a single apocalyptic atmosphere. The relatively succinct title track makes a conspicuous entrance with high-velocity stop/starts and brutish live noise collaging that measures up to the best, while “I Was Tortured” takes a vastly different route into a hellstorm of hallucinatory power electronics and seething psychedelia. Though the frenzied aural punishment of “The Terror of the Expansion of Consciousness” may be the album’s centerpiece, both parts of “Offering Into the Fire” present plenty of squalling lo-fi goodness.