Review: Kortslutning – Self Obliteration (self-released, Jan 24)

More relentless sonic destruction from the southern hemisphere arrives in the form of this half-hour monstrosity from Ecuador’s Cynthia Velasquez as Kortslutning. Self Obliteration, among other things, is mastered so ridiculously loud that you won’t be able to see straight, and it’s glorious. If one were to recover from the initial impact quickly enough, the doubled-mono style stereo profile might seem a bit tedious despite the mighty force of the stems themselves, but Velasquez makes it work with thick, chewing movements that bridge the gap, spires of scalding feedback that jet into the center, and jarring dropouts that rip the razor-threaded rug out from under your feet over and over again, taking your soles with it. All three tracks start strong, but also steadily get better as they progress; “Anachronism” culminates with those blasting feedback screeches I mentioned, “Derealization” (a nightmare after my own heart) sculpts some structural failures and high-/low-end interplay into a thrashing crescendo and its smoldering aftermath, “Visions” dissolves from piercing chaos to an incendiary wasteland of distortion mudslides, sci-fi pulses, and fleeting ghosts of melodies shredded to near-oblivion. This is another case where the album cover is a J-card but there doesn’t seem to be any physical edition available; I hope that changes soon.