Review: crcfd – danceableas (The Absorption Directory, Feb 9)

Apart from listing that they’re based in Brooklyn, relatively new netlabel The Absorption Directory has an extremely cryptic web presence: their bio reads “Act III”; each release is tagged with the words “metallic,” “pristine,” and “shiny”; and there are no real names, external links, or context in general of any kind to be found. danceableas was the album that led to my discovery, and it’s also my favorite from the imprint’s catalog that I’ve heard so far. Like many of the other artists on the roster, crcfd owes a certain amount to electronic dance music, but here that influence appears as simply one of countless lenses through which radiant beams of computer music are refracted, the core stylistic elements simply specters on the outskirts of raw abstraction. While strange choices, the aforementioned descriptors certainly apply to this music, which feels smooth and mercurial despite its many tethers to recognizable grounding points (minimal techno bursts, eviscerated bubblegum pop, candied synthbient washes, industrial incessance). Here the sharp, crystalline sonorities of pure data output and digital mastication are a fluid fabric rather than an abrasive torrent, its constant undulations a wonder to behold. For fans of Network Glass, Bánh Mì Verlag, and Soulseek.