Review: 281-330-8004 – May Your Days Be Few (SLVR, Apr 21)

In the (unlikely) event my thoughts and prayers are totally inconsequential and none of the Big Five suddenly go belly-up and instantly cede all of their misused capital to the countless small presses gasping under their boots, the beloved Internet Archive may not be long for this world. As growing global efforts to restrict, surveil, and outright prohibit free internet use become impossible to ignore, making a racket is more important than ever. And that’s exactly what May Your Days Be Few is: a racket, and at that one well suited to act as a scorched-earth death knell for open-access information. The titular curse might be directed at anyone or anything the listener chooses, the antiseptic sear of the harsh and repetitive soundscapes applied to wounds large or small, metaphorical or literal (not counting the ones it’ll leave on your eardrums, of course). I never expect intense glitch-noise in this vein to be that varied, but 281-330-8004—before you ask, no, as far as I know our lord and savior has not returned to lend us His holy ear—keeps things diverse on this short debut release, dropping to some cutup-esque lulls in “Hell Prisoner” and draping the screeches of “Screams from the Below” in cavernous reverb. For fans of SW1n-Hunter, Pigeon Discrimination, and Daniel Iván Bruno’s Brazo. Let this be your motivation to make a racket of your own.