Review: Peea – Ins0lemnia (self-released, Jan 20)

If there were some kind of mutant parasite-worm that lived in a thrift store, gorging itself on shelves full of cheap toys (musical and otherwise), moldy old records, and broken appliances, this is the steaming multicolored goo it would shit out. That’s praise, in case it wasn’t clear. Peea themselves don’t shy away from recognizing the slipshod nature of their music in frank terms either; it’s described on Bandcamp as “cathartic naive/incorrect lo-wave no-bit ni-fi posed-punk shit-art.” Amid these haphazard smorgasbords of confused outsider stumble, one thinks of messy daycare walls carelessly covered in pictures drawn with crayons clutched vertically in fists, cartoon channels chopped up into frenetic nonsense by a poor TV signal, clumsy collages of bits of sound no one wants: the samples that come built into little plastic keyboards, warbly introductory fanfare to some dated language audio course, random sermon recordings, the works. According to the artist, Ins0lemnia is their first release in three and a half years (whether that refers to the project itself or the individual/group behind it, I’m not sure), and even more cruelly it’s over in less than twenty minutes, leaving the listener to painfully sober up much too soon and find themselves knee-deep in a Walmart dumpster with a mouth full of trash—and at that point there’s not much else to do other than hit play again.