Mix: Well Good, Because I Probably Couldn’t Afford It If It Wasn’t

The title of this mix is my preferred alternative to the classic punchline response to being informed of the genre commonly called free jazz: “I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for it” (which I think originally came from a Steve Lacy quote). I’ve gathered my favorite examples of the adventurous new traditions in contemporary freeform jazz music, from potent poetics and progressive arrangements to all-out cacophonous carnage.

Irreversible Entanglements, Berlin Jazz Festival 2018

00:00. Irreversible Entanglements – “Who Sent You – Ritual” [excerpt] from Who Sent You? (International Anthem, 2020)

04:06. Dave Rempis, Tomeka Reid & Joshua Abrams – “Wattle and Daub” from Ithra (Aerophonic, 2018)

09:13. Galaxxu – “Care Bears Countdown” [excerpt] from Every Meanest Particular (Orb Tapes, 2019)

14:41. Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph & Tatsuya Nakatani – “Premonition” from The Unknowable (RareNoise, 2018)

17:32. Joshua Abrams, Tyler Damon, Forbes Graham & Ava Mendoza – “I Closed My Eyes” [excerpt] from Sometimes There Were Four (self-released, 2020)

23:12. Fuck Lungs – “The Indian Name for ‘White Woman with Tattoo of Bird’ ” from Fuck Lungs (Already Dead, 2016)

26:05. James Brandon Lewis & Chad Taylor – “Radiance” from Live in Willisau (Intakt, 2020)

28:52. Jon Irabagon, John Hegre & Nils Are Drønen – “Fukuoka” [excerpt] from Axis (Rune Grammofon, 2017)

33:16. Reid Karris Group – part III of May 12th 2018 (self-released, 2019)

35:47. Simone & Bucko – “Live at the Chapel” [excerpt] from Simone & Bucko (Dismal Niche, 2020)

Mix: The Outcast on the Ivories

Here are several fascinating instances of one of the oldest and most iconic instruments in conventional music making purposeful appearances in abstract soundscapes. Whether the piano is sighing gorgeous melodic resolutions, atonal chords, or simply being softly plinked every once in a while, these tracks all communicate a sense of loneliness and withdrawal.

00:00. Marc Baron – “Un lac” from Un Salon Au Fond d’Un Lac (Potlatch, 2016)

07:32. Pedestrian Deposit – “You Can’t Help Me” from Fatale (Hospital, 2006)

09:44. Graham Lambkin & Áine O’Dwyer – “One and One Is Three” from Green Ways (Erstwhile, 2018)

13:25. Paco Rossique – “Snow at Niigata” from The Visit of the Stranger (2017-2018) (Linear Obsessional, 2019)

18:07. Matthew Atkins – part 5 of Porous Inner Montage (Minimal Resource Manipulation, 2018)

22:24. barn sour – side B of horses fucked over the head with bricks (Careful Catalog, 2019)

26:08. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – “Lucy Song” from The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008)

32:09. Ljudvägg – “Tids nog” from Varande (Purlieu, 2018)

34:24. clipping. – “Piano Burning” (comp. Annea Lockwood, 1968) from There Existed an Addiction to Blood (Sub Pop, 2019)

Mix: Dark Danceables

Moments of nocturnal, head-bobbing bliss in genres not specifically engineered for dance. Stay out of the sun, stick to the shadows, get your groove on.

00:00. Oxbow – “Shine (Glimmer)” [excerpt] from An Evil Heat (Neurot Recordings, 2002)

05:22. Deerhunter – “Adorno” from Turn It Up Faggot (Stickfigure, 2005)

09:57. Swans – “The Seer Returns” from The Seer (Young God, 2012)

15:32. ni – “Lalophobie” from Pantophobie (Dur Et Doux, 2019)

20:51. The Dreebs – “My Killer” from Forest of a Crew (Ramp Local, 2018)

24:31. Gang Gang Dance – 3rd untitled track from Revival of the Shittest (The Social Registry, 2003)

29:16. Entropia – “Poison” from Vacuum (Arachnophobia, 2018)

33:02. Liars – “A Ring on Every Finger” from WIXIW (Mute, 2012)

Mix: In the Kitchen

Pieces of “music” that were recorded in a kitchen, sound like they were recorded in a kitchen, make use of the sounds or emissions of kitchen-like implements, have “kitchen” in their titles, etc.

00:00. Hair Clinic – “In the Kitchen” from Mirror in a Bag (self-released, 2020)

01:17. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – “There and Back” from The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008)

04:48. Havadine Stone – “Kitchen” from Fever Demorian Aphasia International (Anathema Archive, 2020)

11:05. Cahn Ingold Prelog – “Dishwasher” from Non-Music 2 (self-released, 2018)

12:04. Maciej Wirmański – excerpt from Sounds of a Boiler Room and a Laundry Room (Szara Reneta, 2019)

20:48. Encoder – “Dinosaurs on the Go” from Noise from the Deep (nausea., 2020)

25:57. John Collins McCormick – “My, my” from No Most Fatigue (Impulsive Habitat, 2018)

28:44. Queue – “Water Bucket Pt 2” from Water Bucket (7FORM, 2019)

36:02. Joe McPhee, Graham Lambkin, Charlie McPhee & Oliver Lambkin – “I Don’t Want to Be Right” from Live in the Batcave (Black Truffle, 2019)

Mix: A Love Letter to The Raincoats

The unfathomably fruitful post-punk era (circa 1977-1985) is a universal favorite period among music fans, and though we all have our different preferences, there’s one band upon whose importance and excellence everyone can agree: The Raincoats. At once accessibly simple and endlessly complex, The Raincoats drew from a wide range of inspirations to create a singular and iconic style. Even after just three amazing albums (and one slightly less lauded post-reunion LP), their legacy is enormous. Whether it’s their quirky charm, artful amateurishness, hypnotic percussion rhythms, ambiguous atmospheres, or anything in between, this is a collection of tracks by contemporary (post-2000) artists in whom I see a significant presence of The Raincoats’ influence. The eclecticism of this mix is a testament to how unusual and special the band to whom it pays tribute truly is.

The Raincoats at London’s Acklam Hall in 1979. Photo by Shirley O’Loughlin.

00:00. Explode Into Colors – “Eyes Hands Mouth” from Quilts (Kill Rock Stars, 2011)

03:33. T.I.T.S. – “Rachel Rachel” from The Girls (self-released, 2011)

05:30. Palberta – “In My Fame – Jug!” from Roach Goin’ Down (Wharf Cat, 2018)

08:04. Old Time Relijun – “Mystery Language” from Witchcraft Rebellion (K, 2001)

11:49. Micachu & The Shapes – “Waste” from Never (Rough Trade, 2012)

13:37. The New Sound of Numbers – “You’ll Soon Be Singing” from Liberty Seeds (Cloud Recordings, 2006)

17:39. Grass Widow – “Rattled Call” from Grass Widow (Make a Mess, 2009)

19:54. Nüshu – “La vie est une fleur” from Sexe Étranger (self-released, 2019)

24:23. Still House Plants – “Long Pass” from Long Play (bison, 2018)

26:56. Children’s Hospital – “Words of the Prophet” from Alone Together (Sacred Bones, 2009)

30:00. Lithics – “Labor” from Borrowed Floors (Water Wing, 2016)

32:10. Fire Roast – “Folly or Fate” from Fire Roast (Single Girl Married Girl, 2020)

Mix: Abstract Psychedelia

Ditch the sunshine pop, nerds. It’s time to get swampy.

Stalker (1979)

00:00. Sunroof! – “Pink Stream 1” from Found Star Sound (VHF, 2000)

02:15. Kemialliset Ystävät – “Lentävät Sudet” from Kemialliset Ystävät (Fonal, 2007)

06:07. Black Dice – “Treetops” from Creature Comforts (DFA, 2004)

12:10. Deerhunter – “Cicadas” from Weird Era Cont. (Kranky, 2008)

14:09. Open Marriage – “San Francisco” from Discover America (Permanent Green Light, 2016)

20:09. Ikue Mori – “Expresso Bongo” from Myrninerest (Tzadik, 2005)

23:36. Rambutan – “Returning to the Entrance” from Broken Infinity (Stunned, 2016)

29:22. Bart de Paepe – “Bedmar” from Pagus Wasiae (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond, 2018)

34:21. Headboggle – “Wassermusic” from Headboggle (Spectrum Spools, 2012)

Mix: Cooped Up

The sound of domestic self-isolation gone horribly wrong. Junk and trash thrashed out of sheer desperation, degradation of language, slow but deliberate descent into panic and madness. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to any of you. Thots and preyers.

“Isolation” by Kim Beyer-Johnson

00:00. Usurper – 2nd untitled track from Fishing for Tripe (Chocolate Monk, 2013)

04:28. Derek Bailey & Han Bennink – “Who Is That” from Derek Bailey & Han Bennink (Incus, 1972)

08:28. Laurie Tompkins – “War” from Heat, War, Sweat Law (Slip, 2016)

12:14. Territorial Gobbing – “Went” from Stud Mechanism (Cadmus Tape, 2019)

18:00. Textile Orchestra – “The Beginning of the End” [excerpt] from For the Boss (Beta-lactam Ring, 2009)

21:09. The New Blockaders & Putrefier – “Tiras Abrasivas” from Schleifmittelbögen (Birthbiter, 2007)

24:46. Micro_Penis – “Lorsque la lune est pleine je le sens vraiment” from Tolvek (Doubtful Sounds, 2011)

28:53. Animal Collective – “Panic” from Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks, 2003)

33:28. Taku Unami – 2nd part of “Whistler Vanished in Wind” from The Whistler (Erstwhile, 2017)

35:02. Boredoms – “Used CD” from Super Roots (WEA, 1993)

Mix: Environmental Interactions

Pieces of improvised music that whether intentionally or unintentionally incorporate the sounds of their surroundings. Audiences (both human and not) and locales introduce new, serendipitous textures or influence the progression of the piece in fantastically unpredictable ways.

Max Eastley & Evan Parker

00:00. Three Forks – “Drunken Traffic” [excerpt] from Seven Layer Ape (United Fairy Moons, 2005)

03:33. Hermione Johnson & Stefan Neville – “Gala” from Scrum (Feeding Tube, 2016)

10:10. R.O.T. – excerpt from fifth segment of Klein Eiland (morc, 2020)

12:17. Alec Livaditis – “Clear and Cloud” [excerpt] from Clear and Cloud (Kye, 2015)

16:32. Áine O’Dwyer – “An Unkindness of Ravens” from Music for Church Cleaners (Fort Evil Fruit, 2012)

19:26. Chow Mwng – “Grid Ref SH610646” from Dis-Ordinance (Recordiau Dukes, 2019)

23:43. Evan Parker – second untitled track from Evan Parker with Birds (Treader, 2004)

32:10. Glorias Navales – “Enero Vuelta” from Cofradía Náutica (Kye, 2016)

34:17. Derek Bailey – “Paris” [excerpt] from Aida (Incus, 1980)

Mix: The Cask of Amontillado

Poe bores me to tears, but one of his most well known stories provides a fitting, albeit overly poetic title for this mix, which is focused on walls that are intensely immersive, some to the point of stifling imprisonment. Ranging from the conspicuously sparse to the overwhelmingly maximalist, these are the pieces that demand to be listened to in entirety, that refuse to relinquish their hold over you until their final minutes expire. As with all of my wall noise mixes, I highly recommend you listen to the full versions of the pieces you enjoy most to get the full effect. Some (I won’t spoil which) even change over the course of the duration.

“imprisonment of mind” by shelja_arts

00:00. JohnW – “-” from Wordless Paragraph (Absent Erratum, 2019)

04:31. Little Fictions – “River Spirit” from River Spirit (Void Worship, 2016)

08:20. Ratteknaeghen – “Deel 1” from Jammerlijke Toestand Door Lichamelijk Contact (Lost Light, 2019)

12:50. Vilgoć – “Granice” from Granice (Szara Reneta, 2020)

17:37. Waves of Light – “Time Is the Destroyer” from Time Is the Destroyer / Myths (Absent Erratum, 2018)

22:40. Ushinawareta Tamashi – “Runessansu” from LB_120 (Lurker Bias, 2018)

27:44. arboreal – “deconstruction” from deconstruction (Perpetual Abjection, 2019)

33:04. Kongcorong – “Kongcorong” from Kongcorong (Nature Noise Wall, 2018)

37:32. Nascitari – “Iopregoperluisullaterra.luipregapermenellospazio” from Your Sewer / My Church (Lost Light, 2016)

Mix: Sonic Stew

Stew is a good meal to make on a freezing cold evening when you just need some warmth in your body. Stew is also a good meal to make when all you have are some broth and a pile of disparate ingredients you don’t really know what to do with. Apply the two preceding sentences to dense, playful collage music—what I like to refer to as “sonic stew”—and the claims still hold true. Go ahead and help yourself to a sizable spoonful.

00:00. Faust – beginning of “Why Don’t You Eat Carrots?” from Faust (Polydor, 1971)

00:56. Gus Coma – “Meet Our Employees” from Color Him Coma (It’s War Boys, 1983)

03:58. Sugar Pills Bone – “Lumb Airline Crash on Blue Waffle Island” from Lumb (Orb Tapes, 2019)

07:29. Martin Tétreault – “Induction” from La Nuit Où J’Ai Dit Non (Audioview, 1997)

15:59. Guido Gamboa – “Nasal Passage Complication Inducing Variants of Voluntary Breathing, Light Sensitivity Traced to Anticipation of Migraine Aura Onsets” from 2018: Recent Amelioration of Lingering Proprioceptive Issues, Elimination of Winter Coat Improves Muscle Tension (Regional Bears, 2018)

19:30. Gomma Workshop – “Bruitages cubik” from Almanacco Moderno (Madcap, 2004)

24:02. Five Starcle Men – “Ducks Abduct” from Gomba Reject Ward Japan (Lost Frog Productions, 2007)

26:11. Ken Shoticker – “ctch th mnkey” from avatar toolkit (fals.ch, 2001)

27:15. Ground-Zero – “The Glory of Hong Kong – Kabukicho Conference” from Revolutionary Pekinese Opera Ver.1.28 (ReR, 1996)

31:45. Stanol Ester – “Yn, the Monts of the Mystics” from Yn, the Monts of the Mystics (self-released, 2018)

35:01. Ash Charge – “II” from Ash Charge (Garden Magik, 2019)