Mix: Temporary Places

This is a collection of mostly abstract pieces that seek to converse with both natural and industrial surroundings in ways well beyond simply documenting them. The title comes from Nicolas Snyder’s recent release of the same name, which also provides the first track of the mix. Each of these tracks has its own unique world or environment of direct field recordings, skeletons of melodies, wistful drones, spidery percussion, assorted audio detritus, crackling auxiliary textures, low frequency rumble, and other elements, beautifully coalescing into semi-stagnant meditations, immersive excursions, temporary places.

Additional artwork for ‘Temporary Places’

00:00. Nicolas Snyder – “CLAYhands” from Temporary Places (Shhpuma, 2020)

07:29. Daphne X – “First the Mouth” from Água Viva (tsss tapes, 2020)

09:43. Ximes – “like some gamelan of the dead” [excerpt] from Zener_04 (Sensory Leakage, 2019)

12:58. @c – “76.4” from Music for Empty Spaces (Baskaru, 2010)

17:20. R. Schwarz – “Wind 4” from Wind 4-7 (Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., 2018)

21:27. Small Cruel Party – “La Poussière des Murs Détruit le Passé” from An Accident in Substance (Harbinger Sound, 2012)

25:08. Manja Ristić – “Autumn” [excerpt] from The Nightfall (Naviar, 2018)

30:56. Radio Cegeste – “1897, Detail (Song for Richard Henry)” from three inclements (Consumer Waste, 2014)

Mix: Motivational Motorik

A collection of my favorite propulsive, driving motorik(ish) grooves. There’s more of a unifying vibe than that, but you’ll see what I mean. For the most part, the intensity ramps up as it progresses. Use it for a cleaning day or maybe a nice drive.

Klaus Dinger (photo by Wolfgang V. Groote)

00:00. Broken Social Scene – “Pacific Theme” from We Forgot It in People (Arts & Crafts, 2002)

04:52. Caudal – “Well, I Suppose” from Fight Cry Fight (Katuktu Collective, 2018)

09:01. Salaryman – “The Companion” from Karoshi (City Slang, 1999)

12:54. Blue Man Group – “3 to 1” from Three (Rhino, 2016)

16:51. Public Service Broadcasting – “Spitfire” from Inform-Educate-Entertain (Test Card, 2013)

20:40. Maserati – “Synchronicity IV” [excerpt] from Inventions for the New Season (Temporary Residence, 2007)

24:35. Pell Mell – “Vegetable Kingdom” from Interstate (DGC, 1995)

30:34. Holy Fuck – “Silva & Grimes” from Latin (Young Turks, 2010)

35:42. Oneida – “The Adversary” from Happy New Year (Jagjaguwar, 2006)

Mix: Broadcasts from… Elsewhere

Someone from elsewhere is trying to tell you something. They’re trying to reach you through any primitive sound-producing devices you may have lying around—dictaphones, radios, megaphones, old broken speakers, the vibrations of the air itself—fiddling with knobs and dials and settings to accomplish varying degrees of successful communication. It could be useful advice, or a desperate cry for help from somewhere on the other side of oblivion. Better listen and find out.

Photo by Valerie Everett

00:00. Cássio Figueiredo – “Lembrando Aspectos Mortos” No. 1 from Lembrando Aspectos Mortos (Banana, 2017)

01:53. Sammartano – excerpt from Walkman Jazz (Canti Magnetici, 2019)

05:20. Posset – “Memory Piece for Shipley Art Gallery” from Totally Corporate! (Kirigirisu, 2018)

08:37. Angélica Castelló – “Lepidóptero II” [excerpt] from Lepidóptero (Thalamos, 2018)

11:52. Modelbau – excerpt from side A of A World of Difference (Regional Bears, 2019)

15:13. Michael Barthel – “Sammlung. Musik Für Sammlung” 1 from Stapel. Efeu-Fährten (Tochnit Aleph, 2013)

22:24. Aki Onda – excerpts from side A of A Method to Its Messiness (Thalamos, 2019)

25:50. Daniel J. Gregory – “Mechanical Medicine Trap” from Heard Under Orphan Eyelid (self-released, 2020)

31:34. Alyssa Festa – “websdr_recording_2017-07-06T22-50-42Z_131725.0kHz” [excerpt] from Alyssa Festa (A R C H I V E, 2018)

37:33. Graham Lambkin – “Ghost Boxes (Dedicated to Friedrich Jürgenson)” from No Better No Worse Vol. 2 (self-released, 2018)

Mix: Psychedelic Slabs

I’ve made plenty of mixes showcasing the best in abrasive, in-your-face harsh noise, but there’s a whole other subsect of the genre that mines a somewhat less immediate, but no less affecting, viscerality from the tried-and-true formula of maxed-out electronics, evoking haze, lethargy, and claustrophobia via sleazy, droning, psychedelic transmissions. You can read my recent review of the new Manure Movers of of America tape for my take on this approach, but in truth this is great music for a variety of situations—a late night smoke session, perhaps, or even a lazy afternoon nap for the adventurous.

00:00. Manure Movers of of America – “Shit Happens” from Cassette Tape #2 (Already Dead, 2019)

04:28. Arv & Miljö – “Gångtunnlar Alltid Utsatta” from Förändringens Frö (Järtecknet, 2011)

09:23. endling – “b” [excerpt] from two sides of a fallen mountain (self-released, 2020)

14:48. Blod – “Shitsoap” from Primordial (Electronic Ejaculation, 1999)

17:01. Ashpa – “Raureif” from 1 (self-released, 2013)

22:38. Laurel Noose – “Indian Summer” from University District (unknown label, 2011)

28:29. Jason Zeh – “A Vacant Lot to Be in” [excerpt] from A Vacant Lot to Be in (Crippled Intellect, 2013)

35:06. Haare – “Psychedelic Funeral” [excerpt] from Psychedelic Funeral (Abisko, 2007)

37:30. Aube & Maurizio Bianchi – “Metamorphic Humus” [excerpt] from Mectpyo Saisei (PARA Disc, 2005)

Mix: “Exhaust Pipe Soul”

The name and concept of this mix comes from a Bandcamp review of Pulgas’s self-titled LP by Ryan Sarno. This is the grittiest of soul music and its related genres, wafting up through dusty vents from dingy old basements, oozing out of cluttered bedroom studios, reverberating through your body until your bones shake.

D’Angelo and The Vanguard live (photo credit: ShootingGigs)

00:00. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “American Guilt” from Sex & Food (Jagjaguwar, 2018)

04:21. AcidSlop – “Lament for the Sky” from Freedom to Talk (Mandarin Dreams, 2019)

08:14. Flanafi – “Gonna Spend the Rest of My Days in Here” from Flanafi (Boiled, 2020)

12:58. Clever Austin – “Blue Tongue (feat. Jon Bap)” from Pareidolia (Touching Bass, 2019)

16:07. Harco Pront – “Mercedes” from Jibberish (Music for Speakers, 2003)

16:59. Nick Hakim – “Crumpy” from Will This Make Me Good (ATO, 2020)

20:05. D’Angelo and The Vanguard – “Ain’t That Easy” from Black Messiah (RCA, 2014)

24:54. jitwam – “Alone” from ज़ितम सिहँ  (Cosmic Compositions, 2017)

27:38. Mo Kolours – “Curly Girly” from Mo Kolours (OHM, 2014)

28:51. Gonjasufi – “Change” from A Sufi and a Killer (Warp, 2010)

30:54. Pulgas – “Golden ShawT” from Pulgas (Boiled, 2017)

34:51. JD & The Evil’s Dynamite Band – “Heavy, Heavy…Heavy” from Explodes Across the Nation (Soul Fire, 2001)

38:57. Wool & The Pants – 10th untitled track from Wool & The Pants (self-released, 2017)

41:06. Raw Humps – “The Awakening” from Sugar Slave Babies (Mandarin Dreams, 2019)

Mix: The Forgotten Country

Ever since the American cultural juggernaut that is country music first began to emerge, musicians have been flocking to the fringes of the typically simple, straightforward genre in attempts to discover innovative ways to subvert tradition while retaining its heart and soul. This mix documents my best attempt to chronicle these artists through the years, but even through extensive research this sort of thing is very difficult to find (thus, it’s a bit shorter than usual, but it’s also about the average length of a classic country LP so we’ll roll with it). Needless to say, this post is also a request for more examples!

Zoe Burke of Buck Young (photo by Ben Trogdon)

00:00. Mohawk & The Rednecks – “Enchanted Forest” from God Less America compilation (Crypt, 1995)

02:16. The Holy Modal Rounders – “Soldier’s Joy” from Indian War Whoop (ESP, 1967)

04:43. Astroturf Noise – “Morning Zephyr Waltz” from Astroturf Noise (577, 2020)

08:45. Charlie Tweddle – second untitled track from Fantastic Greatest Hits (Companion reissue, 2004)

11:01. Eugene Chadbourne – “Devilish Mary” from The History of the Chadbournes: Honky-Tonk Im Nachtlokal (Leo, 2004)

14:28. Buck Young – “Hang Em Hiiiiiiii!!!” from Proud Trash Sound (No Rent, 2017)

18:36. Henry Flynt & Nova’Billy – “Sky Turned Red” from Henry Flynt & Nova’Billy (Locust, 2007)

21:57. Davenport – “Thou Shall Be Waking” from Free Country (Last Visible Dog, 2005)

28:00. Caroliner Rainbow Susans and Bruisins – “The Ballad of Hamdrags” from The Cooking Stove Beast (Nuf Sed, 1992)

Mix: Well Good, Because I Probably Couldn’t Afford It If It Wasn’t

The title of this mix is my preferred alternative to the classic punchline response to being informed of the genre commonly called free jazz: “I sure as hell wouldn’t pay for it” (which I think originally came from a Steve Lacy quote). I’ve gathered my favorite examples of the adventurous new traditions in contemporary freeform jazz music, from potent poetics and progressive arrangements to all-out cacophonous carnage.

Irreversible Entanglements, Berlin Jazz Festival 2018

00:00. Irreversible Entanglements – “Who Sent You – Ritual” [excerpt] from Who Sent You? (International Anthem, 2020)

04:06. Dave Rempis, Tomeka Reid & Joshua Abrams – “Wattle and Daub” from Ithra (Aerophonic, 2018)

09:13. Galaxxu – “Care Bears Countdown” [excerpt] from Every Meanest Particular (Orb Tapes, 2019)

14:41. Dave Liebman, Adam Rudolph & Tatsuya Nakatani – “Premonition” from The Unknowable (RareNoise, 2018)

17:32. Joshua Abrams, Tyler Damon, Forbes Graham & Ava Mendoza – “I Closed My Eyes” [excerpt] from Sometimes There Were Four (self-released, 2020)

23:12. Fuck Lungs – “The Indian Name for ‘White Woman with Tattoo of Bird’ ” from Fuck Lungs (Already Dead, 2016)

26:05. James Brandon Lewis & Chad Taylor – “Radiance” from Live in Willisau (Intakt, 2020)

28:52. Jon Irabagon, John Hegre & Nils Are Drønen – “Fukuoka” [excerpt] from Axis (Rune Grammofon, 2017)

33:16. Reid Karris Group – part III of May 12th 2018 (self-released, 2019)

35:47. Simone & Bucko – “Live at the Chapel” [excerpt] from Simone & Bucko (Dismal Niche, 2020)

Mix: The Outcast on the Ivories

Here are several fascinating instances of one of the oldest and most iconic instruments in conventional music making purposeful appearances in abstract soundscapes. Whether the piano is sighing gorgeous melodic resolutions, atonal chords, or simply being softly plinked every once in a while, these tracks all communicate a sense of loneliness and withdrawal.

00:00. Marc Baron – “Un lac” from Un Salon Au Fond d’Un Lac (Potlatch, 2016)

07:32. Pedestrian Deposit – “You Can’t Help Me” from Fatale (Hospital, 2006)

09:44. Graham Lambkin & Áine O’Dwyer – “One and One Is Three” from Green Ways (Erstwhile, 2018)

13:25. Paco Rossique – “Snow at Niigata” from The Visit of the Stranger (2017-2018) (Linear Obsessional, 2019)

18:07. Matthew Atkins – part 5 of Porous Inner Montage (Minimal Resource Manipulation, 2018)

22:24. barn sour – side B of horses fucked over the head with bricks (Careful Catalog, 2019)

26:08. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – “Lucy Song” from The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008)

32:09. Ljudvägg – “Tids nog” from Varande (Purlieu, 2018)

34:24. clipping. – “Piano Burning” (comp. Annea Lockwood, 1968) from There Existed an Addiction to Blood (Sub Pop, 2019)

Mix: Dark Danceables

Moments of nocturnal, head-bobbing bliss in genres not specifically engineered for dance. Stay out of the sun, stick to the shadows, get your groove on.

00:00. Oxbow – “Shine (Glimmer)” [excerpt] from An Evil Heat (Neurot Recordings, 2002)

05:22. Deerhunter – “Adorno” from Turn It Up Faggot (Stickfigure, 2005)

09:57. Swans – “The Seer Returns” from The Seer (Young God, 2012)

15:32. ni – “Lalophobie” from Pantophobie (Dur Et Doux, 2019)

20:51. The Dreebs – “My Killer” from Forest of a Crew (Ramp Local, 2018)

24:31. Gang Gang Dance – 3rd untitled track from Revival of the Shittest (The Social Registry, 2003)

29:16. Entropia – “Poison” from Vacuum (Arachnophobia, 2018)

33:02. Liars – “A Ring on Every Finger” from WIXIW (Mute, 2012)

Mix: In the Kitchen

Pieces of “music” that were recorded in a kitchen, sound like they were recorded in a kitchen, make use of the sounds or emissions of kitchen-like implements, have “kitchen” in their titles, etc.

00:00. Hair Clinic – “In the Kitchen” from Mirror in a Bag (self-released, 2020)

01:17. Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet – “There and Back” from The Breadwinner (Erstwhile, 2008)

04:48. Havadine Stone – “Kitchen” from Fever Demorian Aphasia International (Anathema Archive, 2020)

11:05. Cahn Ingold Prelog – “Dishwasher” from Non-Music 2 (self-released, 2018)

12:04. Maciej Wirmański – excerpt from Sounds of a Boiler Room and a Laundry Room (Szara Reneta, 2019)

20:48. Encoder – “Dinosaurs on the Go” from Noise from the Deep (nausea., 2020)

25:57. John Collins McCormick – “My, my” from No Most Fatigue (Impulsive Habitat, 2018)

28:44. Queue – “Water Bucket Pt 2” from Water Bucket (7FORM, 2019)

36:02. Joe McPhee, Graham Lambkin, Charlie McPhee & Oliver Lambkin – “I Don’t Want to Be Right” from Live in the Batcave (Black Truffle, 2019)