Mix: Transmissions

Think of this one like stations on a dying shortwave radio. Static, garbled voices, jumbled beauty.

00:00. CC – “Haunted Sideband” from AM (Crooked Acres, 2017)

02:36. Thought Broadcast – “The Immaterial Eschaton” from Abduction (Chained Library, 2019)

04:40. Jack Taylor – “Somnii” from Somnii (Dinzu Artefacts, 2017)

09:35. Rolf Julius – “Fast Schwarz” from (Halb) Schwarz (Edition RZ, 2001)

11:33. Philippe Petit – “04” from Nyctalopia (Electronic Musik, 2011)

15:34. Joe Panzner – “Less Than a Feeling” from Clearing, Polluted (Copy for Your Records, 2011)

20:24. fringe limb – “victuals” from endling (self-released, 2019)

26:14. [N:Q] – “November” from November Quebec (Esquilo, 2006)

33:01. Andrea Marutti & Fausto Balbo – “Winter” from Detrimental Dialogue (Afe, 2010)

34:24. Surface of the Earth – “Shield” from Interference (Fusetron, 1997)

Mix: Female Voices in Hardcore

You probably don’t have to worry when you walk out your door. Will you be judged? Will you get comments? Will you get stares? Will you feel helpless? Will you be followed? You’ve got to walk in pairs. Don’t we have anything else to offer? You only see the surface. Your unwanted opinion is worthless, but not harmless. Our looks, our bodies, are none of your fucking business. We don’t exist for you to appraise, not a compliment, no fucking thanks. 

– Punch, “Worth More Than Your Opinion”

Closet Witch

Correction: The artist behind 964 Pinocchio, whose wonderful “I Pledge Allegiance (For Cassowary’s Honour (Yeah, right))” was previously included in this mix, has asked that the track be removed because their music does not feature female vocals. A perhaps thematically fitting reminder that despite my best efforts to recognize my own privilege I still fall back on the narcissism of assumption. My apologies.

00:00. Punch – “Worth More Than Your Opinion” from They Don’t Have to Believe (Deathwish, 2014)

01:23. Cerce – “Weary” from Cerce (Solidarity Recordings, 2012)

03:16. Fluoride – “Host” from Disentanglement (Nerve Altar, 2019)

04:47. NØ MAN – “Man + Wife” from Devils Cast Long Shadows (Quit Life, 2018)

06:00. Strafplanet – “Verlierertyp” from Freizeitstress (Contraszt, 2018)

07:29. Blind Girls – “Dormant” from Residue (Zegma Beach, 2018)

09:02. Svffer – “Walls” from Svffer 7″ (Narshardaa, 2013)

11:43. Rape Revenge – “Illusion of Property” from Paper Cage (To Live a Lie, 2012)

12:31. Vasoconstriction – “Coke” from Occupation (self-released, 2019)

14:05. The Heads Are Zeros – “VIII” from The Heads Are Zeros (self-released, 2017)

16:12. Not Your Friends – “Abort” from Constructing a Mental Breakdown (self-released, 2019)

17:15. Closet Witch – “It Doesn’t Feel Free” from Closet Witch (Halo of Flies, 2018)

18:24. Frail Hands – “Kernel Panic” from Frail Hands (Middle-Man, 2017)

Mix: The Freeing of Folk

A collection of pieces on the fringes of folk music, where the communal, earthy atmosphere has been lifted from the bounds of rhythm and conventional structure and carried into a realm of unbridled beauty. These tracks are often ecstatic and sublime, but there is also a mysterious energy that lurks beneath.

Kemialliset Ystävät

00:00. Jackie-O Motherfucker – “Amazing Grace” from Fig. 5 (Road Cone, 2000)

10:01. Davenport – “Free Country” from Free Country (Foxglove, 2004)

13:00. Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice – “Sun Sets on Clarion” from Gipsy Freedom (5 Rue Christine, 2006)

15:20. Three Forks – “Firewood” from Firewood (Metonymic, 2005)

19:44. The Hands Free – “Needle & Thread” from The Hands Free (New Amsterdam, 2018)

26:24. Scatter – “Orbling” from Surprising Sing, Stupendous Love (Pickled Egg, 2004)

29:07. Mike Cooper & Tasos Stamou – excerpt of first untitled track from London Taximi (Coherent States, 2017)

34:32. Kemialliset Ystävät – “Valojuopot” from Kemialliset Ystävät (Fonal, 2007)

Mix: Hidden Humanity

This one is about how the most earnest emotional expression can be found amongst the furthest edges of “music.” A collection of works, improvisations, and excerpts from artists whose creations are removed and subversive yet profoundly personal.


00:00. Daniel Löwenbrück – “Gebet in den Wind” from 1800m (Recordings for the Summer, 2014)

05:25. John Collins McCormick – “5” from One Bone in the Arm (Pan y Rosas Discos, 2018)

07:21. Shots – excerpt from A side of Up Front (Bánh Mì Verlag, 2016)

10:20. Jean Tinguely – excerpt from B side of Bascule VII (Manhood, 1994)

12:14. Yeast Culture – “Feral Fleeces Falling in Flannel Flurries and Fit for Felting” from Shit on a Shingle (Petri Supply, 2013)

14:56. Hardworking Families – “Illy Alley” from BA / LS / BN (Beartown, 2016)

20:51. Hangjun Lee & Martin Tétreault – excerpt from A side of Film Walk (Crustacés, 2017)

23:18. 010001111000 – “okasi yarou” from lmof (Vitrine, 2015)

28:47. Alyssa Festa – “websdr_recording_2017-07-06T22-05-51Z_3924.8kHz” from Alyssa Festa (A R C H I V E, 2018)

33:24. GX Jupitter-Larsen – “Radio Abrasion 2013” from 30/4 compilation (Fragment Factory, 2013)

37:20. JS Hogan – excerpt from Ahh, I See Pan (Y.A.L. Sounds, 2016)

Mix: With the Flow

I actually originally made this as a mixtape for a friend of mine, but for some reason I was thinking about it today and wanted to post it. Still one of my best mixes I’ve put together, in my opinion. It collects my favorite tracks that would be best classified under the umbrella of abstract or experimental hip-hop. Enjoy.

cLOUDDEAD (who hail from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH!)

00:00. cLOUDDEAD – “Pop Song” from Ten (Big Dada Recordings, 2003)

05:27. E L U C I D – “Hyssop” from Shit Don’t Rhyme No More (self-released, 2018)

08:26. Deep Puddle Dynamics – “June 26th, 1999 (Purpose)” from The Taste of Rain… Why Kneel (Anticon, 1999)

11:48. Coin Locker Kid – “Inquisitor.” from The Ghost Sonata (self-released, 2012)

15:26. Aceyalone – “The Catch” from A Book of Human Language (Project Blowed, 1998)

16:50. P.O.S – “Purexed” from Never Better (Doomtree, 2009)

20:05. Dr. Yen Lo – “Day 777” from Days With Dr. Yen Lo (Pavlov Institute, 2015)

23:14. Spirit Agent – “Bioluminescence” from Depth Perception (Navigators Inc., 1999)

26:17. Subtle – “She” from A New White (Lex, 2004)

30:38. lojii & Swarvy – “do u (feat. Nikko Gray)” from Due Rent (Fresh Selects, 2017)

33:50. Atoms Family – “Adversity Strikes” from The Prequel (Centrifugal Phorce, 2000)

37:52. Eyedea & Abilities – “Burn Fetish” from By the Throat (Rhymesayers, 2009)

Mix: Off and Back On Again

My favorite tracks from artists who find beauty in the mangled, dying sounds of electronics and computers.

00:00. Dungeon Crawler – “nghtsft_zet.LOG” from Outside Earth (Trax in the Snoe, 2017)

02:07. Network Glass – “2” from Network Glass (No Rent, 2015)

05:52. Jeff Carey – “1001” from [3:30] (Forwind, 2013)

09:36. Hecker – “C 04 05 I_μdd” from Recordings for Rephlex (Rephlex, 2006)

14:18. Yasunao Tone – excerpt of “AI Deviation #2” from AI Deviation #1, #2 (Editions Mego, 2017)

20:03. Eris Alanna Reese – “Cord Distance” from Ciramak (Psalmus Diuersae, 2015)

22:40. Random_Inc – fifth track from Jerusalem: Tales Outside the Framework of Orthodoxy (Ritornell, 2001)

25:28. Porcje Rosołowe vs Łukasz Podgórni – “Domino” from Skanowanie Balu (Pawlacz Perski, 2013)

28:36. Mads Kjeldgaard – “874uHD” from States of Emergency (Conditional, 2018)

32:48. Frank Bretschneider – “Crisis? What Crisis?” from Sinn+Form (Raster-Noton, 2015)

Mix: Brain Cleanser

No particular idea or central theme going on here other than all of these tracks being loud, harsh, and mercilessly deafening. Enjoy forty minutes of thought-drowning noise.

Final Machine live in 2019

00:00. Systems. – “Stachybotrys” from Black Mold (Putrescent Tapes, 2018)

06:56. ltmrs – third untitled track from Improv (KV&GR, 2019)

07:37. Final Machine – A_R_1 (self-released, 2018)

17:23. T.E.F. – “Urnd” from Corrugation (Pitchphase, 2004)

20:22. Jugendwerkhof – “Blutstätte I” from Blutstätte (Low Life High Volume, 2018)

24:07. Halflings – “Secret” from Cough It Up (Friendship Bracelet, 2006)

27:24. Tinnitustimulus – “Tomanowos” from Roquefort (Anti-Everything, 2019)

32:22. Zebra Mu – “Sword Wielder” from Psychic Ditch (Tunnel Secret, 2018)

37:17. Pseudocommando – excerpt from A Home Beneath the Floorboards (Noise Virus, 2018)

Mix: Elusive Realities

If you can’t tell, I’m just a bit fascinated by the ability of creatively captured environmental recordings to convey profound emotion. With this mix I’ve compiled a collection of my favorite instances where a phonographer or composer has used unadulterated sonic vignettes to explore elements that may not have been present before, where the line between the objective reality of what’s being recorded and the much less identifiable, much more abstract presence of the music becomes blurred.

Seattle Phonographers Union

00:00. Daniel Löwenbrück & Marcellvs L. – second untitled track from Stallgewitter (iDEAL Recordings, 2014)

03:54. Toshiya Tsunoda – “Seashore, Venice Beach_31 July 01” from Ridge of Undulation (Häpna, 2005)

07:13. HDL – “Laying Eggs in the Exhibits” from Whales Have Hind Legs (Sacred Tapes, 2018)

10:28. Yeast Culture – “IYS*” from IYS (Petri Supply, 1989)

15:20. Abby Lee Tee – excerpt of “Simulacrum I-VII” from Imaginary Friends I (Czaszka, 2018)

19:44. Joe Colley – “Icewater.05.02” from Desperate Attempts at Beauty (Auscultare Research, 2003)

22:35. Seattle Phonographers Union – fourth untitled track from Live on Sonarchy Radio (Accretions, 2003)

26:24. Lucas Norer – “Das Unerreichbare Dort” from Portbou (self-released, 2018)

30:20. Szara Reneta – “Cmentarz żydowski w Czarnym Dunajcu” from Dawne Cmentarze Żydowskie 2 (Szara Reneta, 2018)

37:04. Ola Saad – “Cairo-Rec1” from her Soundcloud page (self-released, 2019)

Mix: Dayton Noise Symposium II

On Saturday, the second annual Dayton Noise Symposium was held, beating out its predecessor in both duration and scope (20 sets over nine hours, in comparison to 13 over seven). It was an exhausting but fulfilling experience, displaying all of the best that Midwest noise and friends have to offer. For those who missed out, I’ve again put together a supercut of excerpts from all of the sets. Enjoy. (I tried to include an image of the poster but the WordPress editor is irredeemable garbage)

00:00. Stress Test

04:15. Begravd

08:28. Stagnant Fluids

12:43. Two Coin + I’m Your Knife

17:05. Vanity Project

21:29. Cominform

27:18. mASScOMM

31:16. Being

36:13. Death Dedication

40:30. DJ Krell

45:20. Infectants

48:27. H.S.F.B.

52:37. The Blight

56:53. Limbs Bin

57:02. Alex York

61:41. Masters of the Overviolence

64:51. Hate Audition + Straight Panic

69:32. Crazy Doberman

73:40. Noisteria Emission

77:53. Wood & Rope

Mix: Outside the Outside

When AMM brought the subversive practice of freely improvised music to the public eye, it wasn’t exactly accompanied by a championing of accessibility. With their extensive backgrounds in jazz, arcane philosophies, and overall air of impenetrable mystique, they embodied the truly unlimited potential of improvisation on the end of the perceivers, but not so much the other wondrous aspect: the fact that this form of music all but eliminated the need for any formal training or experience whatsoever. This is not to say that the performers of this curious “outsider improv” lack musical talent, but instead that the only thing of importance is the textures, sounds, and the harmonies between them that are created. This mix collects my favorite instances of the amazing results that can come from these elusive, mysterious, singular collectives and artists.

It also acts as an homage to Davey Williams, who died earlier this month. Williams performs on the first track as part of Trans-Idio.

The No-Neck Blues Band

00:00. Trans-Idio – “Cretaceous Insect Festival” from Alchemical Rowdies (Trans Museq, 1981)

05:31. The No-Neck Blues Band – “Seven Spaces of Empty Place” from Letter from the Earth (SER, 1996)

10:40. Horaflora – excerpt of “Live on KALX Berkeley” from split LP with Secret Boyfriend (Hot Releases, 2010)

15:21. Fossils – “Four” from A Common Confusion (Bug Incision, 2009)

20:02. Dog Lady – Part 1 of A Desperate Bath (Boudoir, 2018)

22:27. The Sperm – “Jazz Jazz” from Shh! Heinäsirkat (O, 1970)

31:08. Morphogenesis – “Improvisation 1.9.88” from Prochronisms (Pogus Productions, 1989)

36:26. Parlours – “Estragon Rows the Viscous Night” from Who Will Listen to Aches That Everyone Has (Penultimate Press, 2018)