Review: Grant Evans – Ergot Dogs (Adversary Electronics, Feb 1)

Grant Evans is a ridiculously prolific artist, releasing an inordinate amount of music over the last ten or so years under his own name, various aliases, and as a part of collaborations. Recently, most of his output has been focused on the Adversary Electronics imprint, which Evans founded with his wife Rachel – also a musician, who goes by the name Motion Sickness of Time Travel – in 2015. Despite the label’s catalog consisting only of both artists’ solo work and their duo project Quiet Evenings, they’ve released over fifteen tapes. Ergot Dogs is one of three Adversary releases in a new 2018 cycle, and is among Evans’ most ambitious material. Immersive field recording collages and rough electronics dominate the thirteen short tracks, soft and jagged textures continuously clashing to amazing effect. I’m never quite sure whether to feel comforted or scared; I suppose it’s a testament to Ergot Dogs‘ uniqueness that I end up experiencing both at the same time. Despite never having been anywhere in rural Georgia, the tape instantly transports me there. I sit in the dilapidated old house depicted on the cover, as the wind howls and the forest groans and sighs around me, wondering where all those voices are coming from; then the sun shines on my face through an open window and somehow everything is beautiful again.

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