Mix: Anything Goes

You can make music too! Confine yourself to a room with some trusted lunatic loves. Bash some metal garbage cans, scream your takeout order from last night over and over again, stomp on a thrift store guitar until it begs you to stop, use your human body as the highly mobile vehicle of destruction that it is. You’d be surprised at the amount of completely unmarketable trash you can generate. But hey, if it’s quality trash, someone—probably just me, but someone—will listen to it and put it on a mix.

Note: Be prepared for some jarring transitions. Maybe this will teach you to always stay on your toes.

Micro_Penis live in 2009, photo by Pascal Bichain

00:00. Akke Phallus Duo – “Kendal Black Drop” from An Insatiable Demand for Tea (Devastation Wreaked by) (Tanzprocesz, 2015)

06:37. Global Distance – “I’m Dancing (My Troubles Away)” from Lover’s Cove (Human Conduct, 2012)

10:22. Roman Nose – “Ty Tryst” from Roman Nose (Singing Knives, 2018)

14:46. A Band – “All Good Things” from April Twelfth Nineteen-Ninety-Two (self-released, 1992/2009)

17:39. Micro_Penis – “Chimio” from Tolvek (Doubtful Sounds, 2015)

20:25. Katz Mulk – excerpt from side B of Katzenungen (Sacred Tapes, 2017)

24:42. Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble – “Hummus” from Out Patience (Butte County Free Music Society, 2011)

28:31. Can – “Peking O” [excerpt] from Tago Mago (United Artists, 1971)

32:22. Prick Decay – “Sneaker Pimp” from Guidelines for Basement Non Fidel (Very Good, 1995/2016)

36:41. Psychic Sounds Ensemble – “Batch 2” [excerpt] from Sonic Fermentations (Psychic Sounds, 2019)

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