Been wondering why I haven’t posted a mix (or anything, really) in a while? It’s because I was working on this. In the unlikely event I’m ever hired for a DJ gig this is a good approximation of what I would play. I’m no virtuoso by any means—no seamless beatmatching or spot mashups here—but each and every one of these tracks does the work for me by being irresistibly danceable. To me, that is; I hope you agree.

Note: I use “trance” to reference a vibe or atmosphere rather than the actual genre. No Shpongle or Hallucinogen, don’t worry. 

00:00. The Lift Boys – “Kazoo of Zero” from Tide Y Edit (self-released, 2012)

02:20. Food Pyramid – “I Know What I Saw” from Mango Sunrise (Moon Glyph, 2012)

07:32. Aqatuki – “Pop” from Aqatuki II (IQAS / 5bit, 2019)

11:07. Dachambo – “Picadelia” from Aphrodelic Ngoma (Pleasure-Crux, 2004)

20:08. Soft – “Singing Mirror Ball” from Sun Box (Comma, 1999)

33:01. Juzu a.k.a. Moochy – “Oneness” from Re​:Momentos Movements ‎(Crosspoint, 2010)

38:57. Polmo Polpo – “Riva” from The Science of Breath (Substractif, 2002)

48:12. Nisennenmondai – “B-1” [You Ishihara Mix] from self-titled 12″ (Zelone, 2013)

56:51. Buffalo Daughter – “Cyclic” from Pshychic (V2, 2003)

64:53. Kinocosmo – “Caveman Rebirth” from Caveman (Hypnodisk, 2005)

71:08. Guitoo – “Ruby” from Cyclotron (A.K.A. / WEA, 1999)

76:29. Boredoms – “Ω” [excerpt] from Vision Creation Newsun (A.K.A. / WEA, 1999)

78:36. Ukiashi – “Forestom” from The Ground Swell compilation CD (Anoyo, 2000)

85:22. EYE – “777” from Experience: Psy-Harmonics Volume V compilation CD (2001)

87:20. AOA – “New Bravo” from Domegapeace (Comma / Music Mine, 1999)

95:01. Fuck Buttons – “Olympians” from Tarot Sport (ATP, 2009)

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