Mix: Weaving, Woven

This is a multimedia mix, in several senses. Attempts at documenting, dissecting, or preserving a practice that can be both art and artifice, empowering and oppressive, individual and industrial. 

00:00. Audio from opening sequence of La Libertad (dir. Laura Huertas Millán, 2017)

01:36. Sound Diaries – “Cumbrian Loom” / “Estonian Loom” (2012)

02:39. Agente Costura – “Maskerade Brigade” from re:flections 04 07 20 compilation (Attenuation Circuit, 2020)

05:51. Andrea Borghi – Tistre #3 (Dinzu Artefacts, 2019)

11:42. Shirts – seventh untitled track from Shirt Noise (Moon Myst Music, 2020)

17:53. Leo Correia de Verdier – “Stygn” [excerpt]

22:21. Kelly Ruth – “Nascent” from Forms (Pseudo Laboratories, 2019)

26:28. Natalia Beylis – Variations on a Sewing Machine no. 3 (Beartown, 2022)

30:41. James Wyness – “Textility” from Dead Sound Ethnographics (self-released, 2016)

36:50. Michal Fojcik – “Weaving Workshop” (2014)

37:30. Audio from opening sequence of The Woven Sounds demo (dir. Mehdi Aminian, 2019)

Further Reading/Viewing

Woman Interwoven documentary series

Mika Tajima, Negative Entropy

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, Cross-Cultural Tangible Interfaces as Phenomenological Artifacts

Jodie Mack, The Grand Bizarre

Rajee Samarasinghe, Foreign Quarters

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