Review: Dyb – Un punto donde todo se desvanece (self-released, Apr 12)

Un punto donde todo se desvanece is an album that toys with beauty, teasing you with moments of gorgeousness amidst tension and darkness before they dissolve and you’re left wanting so much more. While the first two tracks eventually reward patience with majestic climaxes, the third, “El llamado imperceptible,” works magic through tantalization. Its airy choral samples and distant electronic flairs expand and contract with amazing ease, with brief respites in anticipation only occasionally granted throughout its extended length; a structure that somehow makes it even more sublime than the wonderful songs that preceded it. Argentinian musician Dyb displays a tremendous patience and compositional skill on Un punto donde todo se desvanece; this is music that really takes its time, but at nearly an hour in length it doesn’t even feel very long. Nothing feels forced or pushed along faster than it needs to be, but nothing overstays its welcome either. It’s a fantastic release from this promising artist, from whom I would definitely love to hear more in the future.

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