Review: Nagual – Florida (Hologram, Apr 10)

Florida sees drone duo Nagual delving into much softer, less abrasive territory than previous releases. Shapiro and McColm forgo the harsh clattering and brooding atmosphere of 2015’s String Music for the End Times and their split with Tongue Depressor earlier this year in favor of extended, electronics-heavy pieces that breathe and sigh at an organic pace. Nagual’s focus this time around seems to be placed on the post-production; though I wouldn’t be surprised if guitars were still the main sound sources, there’s hardly any concreteness here. Instead, the lengthy tracks are based on airy synth sweeps, glitchy electronic textures, groaning harmonium, and heavy bass intrusions. The tremendous stereo space of both “Miami” and “Gainesville” ensures that Florida will immerse you in its world for all of its 60 minutes. Nothing ever drastically changes, but the sound elements emerging from different places, twisting in and out and around each other like lazy cosmic snakes, give the album a special magnetism.

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