Review: World – World (Dotsmark, Aug 22)

While I don’t actually have the lovely white CD in my hands, I thought I’d talk a bit about World’s amazing and influential music in celebration of their revamped discography compilation out on Dotsmark today. World was a vicious noise-grind trio from the endlessly fruitful creative hub of Osaka, Japan, who recorded and performed with their unique lineup of dual vocalists Hiroshi Zen and Akira Kawabata and drummer Aono Tadahiko. Restricted to a pair of 7″ EPs, splits with YesMeansYes and C*****e Bastards, and some tracks for a few various artist compilations, World’s output is mainly characterized by relentless stop/start blast beats, squalling feedback and crushing distortion, and agonized wordless shrieks. They fills a special place between the semi-improvised amateur chaos of noisecore or “shitcore” music and the compact, composed songs of grindcore, embodying the best elements of both and giving your bones a good rattle while they’re at it. The Dotsmark release, simply titled World, includes everything previously released on Ormolycka’s 2014 Discography release as well as a 1995 demo and two more series of tracks from V/A comps.

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